Posted On: 05/28/18 3:11 PM

The spring session of AAU is over for most and with Memorial Day Weekend wrapping up, we are set to take a look back at those that have improved their stock. Today, we have our look at the top 2021 forwards who improved their stock.

Caleb Furst – 6’8 / PF / 2021 / Blackhawk Christian (IN) / Indy Heat 2021
Caleb has not only proven he’s the best player in the class, but easily the most advanced at this point. He didn’t do anything to really surprise us but the reality is, he’s just got to not take steps back or get bogged down, a typical thing for a young post player. He looked stellar and that was what we wanted to see.

D.J. Hughes – 6’7 / PF / 2021 / Forest Park (IN) / Indiana Elite 2021
Hughes is going to spread his game out as the development continues but the reality is, he knows what he is good at and didn’t really see him do much outside of what he excels at. Along with that, he just looked better as a rebounder and affecting things in the low post as a scorer. So much upside down the road and production is better than we hoped.

Jaylen Carson – 6’6 / PF / 2021 / Crispus Attucks (IN) / IE Central 2021
Carson has already knocked off the “raw” skillset term. He looks so much better than last Fall and has even added many more weapons. Was great as a perimeter shooter for his position and the rebounding and defensive versatility look so much better. He’s been one of the biggest bright spots this Spring.

Kooper Jacobi – 6’4 / SF / 2021 / Silver Creek (IN) / Louisville Magic 2021
Jacobi is one of those guys already that you can sit down and watch and notice him but look at the stat sheet after and walk away shocked at just how productive he is. I think he has a long way to develop over the next couple years and could still be any number of things but the production we have consistently seen is enlightening.

Trey Kaufman – 6’6 / PF / 2021 / Silver Creek (IN) / Louisville Magic 2021
Trey might end up being a player not many have watched or will watch but he could end up as a DI talent with bounds of upside to tap into even once he is in college. Already looks so much more comfortable as a guy that can face-up and the ball handling has allowed him to drive and take more advantage of his growing frame.