Posted On: 05/21/18 1:19 PM

We’ve featured many of the top players in our latest class of 2020 rankings at length throughout the year.

Players the likes of Evan Mobley, Ziaire Williams, Josh Christopher and the rest of the top 10 get plenty of ink and publicity throughout the year and don’t need much help from us to do so.

As is the norm with any set of rankings, there are always a handful of players who end up being undervalued and under-ranked when all is said and done.

The following five players are in the mid-to-lower end of the 2020 Top 80, but have the potential to rise in the coming updates.

Potentially Undervalued

Ethan Berks, Santa Monica

Berks came in at No. 41 and that’s mainly because he didn’t play a primary role on his high school team. The 6-foot-6 forward was more of a glue guy during his sophomore campaign, setting screens, rebounding and throwing outlet passes to guards and making things happen with his rim-runs. Berks has shown a nice post and mid-post skill set during the showcase events we’ve seen him in. He has sound footwork and good touch around the basket and can step out and knock down a face-up jumper, which is why we think he has the chance to rise in the rankings with more offensive responsibility for Santa Monica.

Kimo Ferrari, Francis Parker

The No. 53 prospect has had himself an impressive spring session thus far for Gamepoint 16s after sitting a good chunk of the high school season after transferring from St. Augustine to Parker. Ferrari, a 5-foot-11 point guard, is as quick as they come with the ball in his hands and has begun to harness that speed and use it when needed while also staying under control. Ferrari’s improvements as a playmaker and shooter, to go along with his ball-hawking defensive abilities, make him an intriguing prospect down the road.

Jaren Johnson, Lynwood

Jaren Johnson, Lynwood

Johnson arrived on the scene with a solid sophomore season for Cerritos Gahr. The No. 62-ranked prospect is a smooth shooting two-guard with good size and length. He makes his living from behind the 3-point line and is a consistent floor-spreading threat off the catch. Johnson, who plays for The Truth’s 16 and under squad, is listed as having transferred (or planning to) to Lynwood for the upcoming high school season. If Johnson can tighten his ball skills and begin to create his own shot or for others off the bounce, he could rise in our next update.

Kailen Rains, San Ysidro

Rains continues to add inches to his frame, sprouting up to the 6-foot-3-plus range. He comes in at No. 66, but has shown as much “upside” as a scoring guard as just about anyone in the class. Rains averaged better than 16 points at San Ysidro High this past season and can put the ball through the net consistently from all three levels. If Rains adds strength to his frame and becomes a more explosive athlete, his rise could be both high and fast.

David Olcomendy, Los Alamitos

Olcomendy is off of the radar for most people who fancy themselves as “scouts,” but the No. 70 prospect could be the next good player to come out of Eddie Courtemarche’s Los Alamitos program. Olcomendy is all of 6-feet-5 with a high basketball IQ, the ability to stretch the floor to the 3-point line and has better post and mid-post footwork than most in the class. It will be interesting to see just how tall he will get and exactly what position he will play at the next level.