2020 Raines G DeAndre Devaughn talks skill-growth, and a deeper playoff run


Posted On: 05/24/18 2:07 PM

One of the most solid rebounders on his Jax Gamechangers AAU squad, 2020 Raines guard DeAndre Devaughn has been vital to his team’s success, on the glass.

Not only that, but opponents have a tough time keeping up with his quickness, on the floor. Devaughn’s three-point shooting was solid all throughout his time at the Stampede Shootout, in Gainesville.

The rising junior has dedicated this summer to working on his ball-handling, defensive acumen, and overall shooting ability—and he’s definitely excited to take his improved talents back to Raines.

“This AAU season, I will transfer all of my skills that I learned here, over to my HS team. I’m ready,” Devaughn said.

Raines dropped their regional semifinal game vs. Jacksonville-Bolles, this past season. To get over the hump, Devaughn said “playing great defense and hitting our shots” will make the difference on whether they take a step back, or forward.

He’s hoping he could mirror some of the success that one of his favorite players, Jalen Brunson of Villanova, has had. For that to happen at his high school level, he’s going to have to grow his game to a new level.

And trust, he’s working.

“I want my game to be at the highest level possible by the end of the summer,” Devaughn said. “I’m trying to do everything I can to lead my team to a state championship.”