2020 F Christian Carter Talks Rebounding, Re-Dedicating To The Game


Posted On: 05/30/18 10:47 AM

The wingspan of 2020 Episcopal School of Jacksonville post-man Christian Carter is going to cause havoc for opposing offenses, this coming fall. Some have already caught a glimpse of it after playing his Jax-Gamechangers AAU squad, earlier this summer.

Carter is great at defending the rim without fouling. He thwarted a number of players from finishing at close-range during the Stampede Shootout in Gainesville. His length gives Carter the ability to intercept cross-court passes, with ease. When it comes to footwork, he knows how to position himself in-order to front the post on the block.

On the offensive rebounding front, he’s no stranger to the boards. Carter offers a lot of energy when it comes to fighting for outback lay-ins.

“I try to think over every rebound as my own. I try to get it for myself,” Carter said. “If my teammates get it, I know I try to box out for them.”

As far as his development goes, Carter admits that his ball-handling and midrange-jumper game needs to improve over the summer.

At least we know he’s willing to do what ever it takes.

“Obviously a lot of dedication. I have to stay in the gym,” Carter said. “I have to get with other people who know and love the game, as well.”

He credited “Coach Chris” as a major help when it comes to left-handed development. His teachings have brought him to a level of comfort with the left that he’s never seen before.

Carter has a similar feeling of comfort when it comes to his Episcopal teammates.

He said that the chemistry was in-tact throughout the year. Now it’s really about everyone around him stepping up to grow their game.

“We have to keep working, myself included,” Carter voiced. “We have to work towards getting the chemistry back, especially with new players joining.”