2019 Stock Risers: Forwards


Posted On: 05/29/18 11:31 AM

The spring session of AAU is over for most and with Memorial Day Weekend wrapping up, we are set to take a look back at those that have improved their stock. Today, we have our look at the top 2019 forwards who improved their stock.

Ali Ali – 6’7 / PF / 2019 / East Noble (IN) / Indy Heat Red 2021
Ali looks a lot better this Spring as a guy that can impact the game. He’s still a little bit of an all-or-nothing guy but those games where he has it all going are becoming more prevalent. As he gains more confidence, he has the tools to breakthrough and become a high-end prospect.

Jalen Johnson – 6’8 / PF / 2019 / Indianapolis Manual (IN) / Team Rose 2019
Jalen looks a lot more physical and polished than he did a year ago. He’s much more of an impactful forward in the low post and can rebound at a really high level. Has kind of stuck to what he does well and just executed it at a higher level.

Jaylen Jennings – 6’7 / PF / 2019 / Avon (IN) / IE Central 2019
Jaylen was a guy a year ago you might not have thought would be able to play at the next level. Now, he’s really putting things together and while still quite the raw prospect, he’s making some really intriguing plays and executing them more often. Another jump in his game like that before the high school season and he’s going to be coveted.

Max Newman – 6’7 / PF / 2019 / Monrovia (IN) / EG10 2019
Newman is a guy that needs to be allowed to do what he does best, stretch the floor and make plays from the wing. When he does, he can really shine. Has done that this Spring and looks better on his frame too, adding some more upside and quickness.

Noah Applegate – 6’6 / PF / 2019 / Penn (IN) / Indiana GAME 2019
Applegate has gone from a slasher, low post scorer to a guy that is just shooting the ball at a high level. Filling the roll of a stretch forward to a T and really diversifying his game while he mixes in that slashing and back-to-the-basket game.