2018 Prep Hoops Oklahoma State Tournament: Top Rim Protectors


Posted On: 05/19/18 8:43 PM

For the majority of the games at the 2018 Prep Hoops Oklahoma State Tournament, the team with the most layups wins. Which is why have a rim protector can play a big role in team success.

Here are some of the top defenders of the rim so far:

Sam Godwin 2020 Team Buddy Buckets

Godwin was the defensive player of the day. You rarely find young bigs who understand the advantage of verticality when protecting the rim. Godwin showed patience and discipline when guys went directly at him in the paint.

He was not too thirsty for blocks to go for pump fakes or compromise his defensive and rebounding position.

Godwin stood because he was not trying too. He just did what he does well and affected the game immensely.

Godwin did a great job of rebounding with two hands at all times. He playing a big man who outweighed him but he did not let that discourage his motor.

Godwin’s instincts on the defensive end are special and his elite motor is a skill that continue to lead to much success.

Jacob Germany 2019 Team Griffin

Germany is a bouncy big man who can quickly get off the floor so just when you think you have cleared his wingspan he comes and swats it off the glass.

Germany has played well this weekend on the defensive end using his athleticism and quick twitch.

He has also done a good job versus stronger opposition who try to muscle him around yet he just waits for the release.

Germany showed why he is a highly recruited prospect because of his of potential on both ends.

Quentin Harvey 2019 Ball 4 Life

Harvey had a breakout day where he was scoring and defending the rim.

He continued to show off his athleticism while he always seemed to jump a little bit higher than everybody else.

Harvey showed off his offensive game as well but his defensive contributions were key in his teams success.

Floaters will be a necessary weapon against Harvey in the painted area.

Cyson Mathis 2020 Oklahoma Hoops

While the others on this list defended the rim with their length, Mathis did it with great timing.

Mathis is more physical than most rim protectors but he finds a way to time his jump just right to effect the shot.

He did a great job this weekend of not making it easy on opposing players to score in his area.

Michael Wooldridge 2022 Team Griffin

At 6’8, Wooldridge’s size alone was a big part of guards not wanting to drive on Team Griffin 14U.

The young big man is still developing defensively but blocking shots is something that comes easy for this talented center.

Wooldridge has done a good job of making himself big when someone drives into the lane.

His defensive ability will play a key role in Team Griffin’s success on championship Sunday.