Posted On: 05/8/18 3:55 PM

The seventh annual Nor Cal Spring Showcase was held Friday-Sunday April 27-29 at Jamtown in Oakland and various sites in Livermore. 156 teams participated. Here is a report on the event. (We reported only on the teams we observed and evaluated.)

*5’9 PG Anthony Martinez of Clovis HS 2018 (Oakland Soldiers Seniors)

Floor general who runs a team well. Real nice shooter with deep range. Excellent in the pick and roll. Has a very high I.Q. level. Absolute winner and competitor.


*6’2 G Omari Maulana of Life Christian Academy (WA) 2020 (International Elite 16)

Strong guard that competes the whole game and plays on both ends.  Offensively can get past opponents with strength and quickness and can finish thru contact.  Good spot up shooter that can knock down the three and mid-range shot.  Defensively gets into players and has the ability to lock up using strength and good lateral movement.


6’2 PG Jack McCloskey of Santa Margarita HS 2020 (WCEUA 15 Gold)

Knock down shooter with an elusive handle. Makes the right plays for his teammates and covers ground quickly for steals.


*6’1 PG/SG Mark McCurdy of Park City High (UT) 2020 (Utah Premier 16 National)

Very good basketball player with good fundamentals.  Has a High IQ and plays with great pace.  Understands patience and flow of the game.  Offensively can shoot the ball well from three and mid-range while also showing he can get to the rim off the bounce.  Good ball handler with good court vision and passing ability to set up teammates.


*6’1 PG Michael Mitchell Jr. of Archbishop Mitty HS 2021 (WCE Nor Cal 15 UAA)

Shifty guard that can stop on the dime for efficient pull-up jumpers. Great decision maker with a tight handle.


6’4 SF Isaac Morrow of Curtis HS (WA) 2019 (Seattle Select High Academic)

Has diverse skills: can handle and pass it, has a jump hook on the block, drives it well. Solid rebounder.


6’0 PG Cameron Necochea of Ramona HS 2019 (WCE SD 17 Silver)

Solid ball handler, pulls up well in the half court. Accomplished driver with a hesitation move and a floater.


*6’11 PF Lazar Nekic of Bishop Montgomery HS 2019 (California Stars 17s Elite)

Handles in the open floor. Patient when looking to score inside. Has post-up skills. Three point shooting threat.


6’8 PF Brennen Newsom of Sheldon HS 2019 (Lakeshow 17s Black)

Long and athletic rim runner. Plays above the rim and is capable of blocking/altering shots.


5’10 PG Kymani Nix of La Quinta HS 2021(WCE 15u HA LA)

Crafty floor general that likes to get his teammates involved and in place for easier scoring opportunities. Scores the ball at an efficient rate and hunts for the best shot every possession.


5’8 PG King Njhsanni-Wilhite of Aptos Middle School 2023 (Oakland Soldiers 15u Green)

Small guard that is very advanced for his age. Great penetrator and crafty finisher. Floor general who can make the right pass consistently.


6’2 F Jonah Norman of Oakdale HS 2021 (Stanco Stampede 15u)

Strong forward with size and a good rebounder. Good attacking the rim. Ok catch and shoot.


6’4 C Alex Obradovich of Park City HS (UT) 2020 (Utah Premier16 Nat)

High energy big who runs the floor hard in offensive and defensive transition.  Offensively has the ability to hit the mid-range jumper and finish strong in the paint. Active defensively and on the glass.


6’2 SG Adeniyi Olabode of Miramonte HS 2021 (WCE 15u Silver Nor Cal)

Scorer with a nice-looking shot. He was their go to guy. Strong driver to the rim. Solid all-around player.


5’9 PG Jesse Owens of Billings West HS (MT) 2019 (Flite 17u Black)

Real nice ball handling skills, pin-point passer. Can run a team, effective penetrator with a good first step.


6’4 SF Ivan Palomar of Sunnyslope HS (AZ) 2019 (Powerhouse Hoops 17 Schumaker)

Real nice ball handling/passing skills. Sees the floor well and is a solid transition playmaker.


6’0 SG Jojo Paris of Salinas HS 2019 (Seaside’s Finest 17u)

Skilled shot maker who scores it with ease. A solid handler and passer.


6’5 SF Ben Pate of Galileo HS 2018 (West Coast Phenoms 17U) 

Lefty that can finish at the rim, runs the floor well. Defends multiple positions. If he develops a consistent jumper and tighter handle could be a top JUCO one and out prospect.


6’0 G Jaylen Patterson of Bradshaw Christian HS 2021 (Sacramento Soldiers 15)

One man who is a good facilitator. Has a solid handle going to the rim and is a good passer.


6’4 W Jeremiah Paul of Loyola HS 2021(WCE 15u UAA)

Strong and athletic. Good finisher and active rebounder. Runs the floor well. Physical player.


5’8 PG Oscar Pedraza of St. Francis HS 2019 (Peak 17U)

Real competitor. Has an attack mentality. Solid offensive skills. Dead-eye shooter. Knows how to win.


5’8 PG Taj Phillips of Bishop O’Dowd HS 2021(Lakeshow 15’s White)

Quick small guard. Handles it, good passer and facilitator. Ok shooter.


5’7 PG Jordan Pineda of Palos Verdes HS 2020 (LA Elite 16u Premier)

Small guard and a good facilitator. Makes the right passes.  Nice pull up jump shot and good catch and shoot. Is a hustler.


5’9 PG Miles Piramide of Battle Mountain HS (NV) 2018 (Reno Elite 17)

Floor general who uses excellent court vision to set up teammates. Never in a rush, he changes speeds well and is shifty off of the dribble. Tough competitor.


6’0 PG Jermal Pittman of Clovis East HS 2020 (Cali United 16U)

Lefty guard, strong, athletic and can stretch the floor. Vocal, tough. Shoots it well enough to play off guard. Pushes the break well. Impressive first step.


5’10 PG Khalid Price of Mountain Pointe HS (AZ) 2019 (Powerhouse Hoops 17 Contreras)

Solid ball handler, penetrates into the consistently. Can shoot it with 3-popoint range, has a nice floater.


6’1 PF Jefferson Puu of Marin Academy 2020 (NBBA 16u Lloyd)

Physical player with a very high motor. Doesn’t foul defensively and takes charges. Scores well in post and attacks close outs form perimeter


6’4 SG Brandon Radu of Redwood HS 2019 (Bay Area Warriors Blue 17u)

Scorer who has a strong in and out dribble. Mixes a solid I.Q. with a smooth dribbling skill set. A scrappy defender.


*6’7 F Dakota Rebev of Wilsonville HS (OR) 2020 (International Elite 16)

High motor player with good athleticism.  Runs the floor hard, goes after offensive and defensive rebounds.  Good finisher in transition as well as half court sets.  Attacks the rim on missed shots and can grab and finish above the rim.  Has good mid-range shot and can hit the long ball. 


6’4 F Nayveon Reed of Newark Memorial HS 2021(Roadrunners 15/16)

Looks bigger than listed, can step out on the perimeter and stretch the floor. Will punish smaller defenders off the dribble and in the post. Still has room to grow physically and game wise.


6’7 C Garrett Richardson of Sacramento Charter HS 2019 (Shawn Smith Basketball 17)

Solid up and under as well as overall footwork. Love to set physical screens.


6’0 CG Jaron Rillie of Dos Pueblos HS 2019 (WCE 17U Silver)

Nice skill set. Can distribute/facilitate effectively and make plays on the break. Has a knack for rebounding.


6’0 G Selah Robins of Mission Viejo HS 2021 (WCE 15u UAA)

Strong guard, good athlete and rebounder. Drives the ball well. Ok Catch and shoot.


5’8 PG Mark Rodriguez Jr. of Mission College Prep 2021(Sacramento Soldiers)

One man with a crafty handle. A floor general. Good passer and has a nice pull up jump shot.


6’1 PG Harvey Rouleau IV of Montgomery HS 2019 (Sonoma County Cagers 17)

Solid floor general with a 3-point shot. Can handle the ball with contact, can drop his shoulder and turn the corner. Creates for teammates.




*6’9 PF Hunter Ruck of Rancho Solano Prep (AZ) 2020 (Powerhouse Hoops 16U Ortega)

Active power forward with strong, solid hands. Nice all-around scorer. Will be a mid-high major kid by next year, if not already.


*6’0 PG Kwaheri Rue of Patterson HS 2018 (1 Team 1 Dream 17u)

ELITE in transition and displays strong court vision. Balances explosive speed with patient probing of defenses. Solid shooting ability with 3 range. Capable rebounder.


*6’6 SF Teiquan Rush of Bullard HS 2019 (Cal United 16U)

Athletic frame with an athletic game to go with it. Runs the floor well, can put it on the floor. Shoots it some with 3 range. Willing defender. In a year with the right grooming he could be a mid major player.


*6’7 SG Alexandre Saleh of Prolific Prep 2019 (NBBA HGSL)

Lights out shooter with a high arc and deep range. Has a long wingspan. High motor who talks CONSTANTLY. Competes defensively and doesn’t foul. Very high I.Q and a solid passer/playmaker.


6’4 PF Isaiah Sampson of Camas HS (WA) 2019 (Team Fly Select White 17)

Long and athletic, runs well. Can handle and pass it. Rebounds and outlets the ball well.


5’6 PG Jabari Sanders of JFK HS 2019 (Bay Area Mustangs 17u)

Physical driver with a “pitbull” mentality. He is a relentless attacker who excels at putting pressure on the defense.


5’10 PG Derek Sandusky of Pershing County HS (NV) 2019 (Reno Elite 17)

Skilled three level scorer who can shoot and has an array of floaters. Uses change of speed and elite handle to make plays for teammates.


6’7 PF Brandon Savage of Deer Valley HS (AZ) 2019 (Powerhouse Hoops 17 King)

Athletic four man. Moves ok without the ball. Has a nice one-bounce drive. Consistent rebounder.


5’8 PG Ryan Schwarz 2021 of Miramonte HS (WCE Nor Cal 15 Black)

Solid floor general with deep range and can heat up in a hurry. Great motor and guard instincts with a great feel/understanding for the game. Gets to open spots well.


6’2 SG Justin Scoggin of West Salem HS (OR) 2020 (Team Fly Largent 16u)

Solid shooter who has a good feel. Great catch and shoot.


5’8 PG Aidan Sevilla of Dougherty Valley HS 2021 (WCE Nor Cal 15 Black)

Shifty guard with a tight handle that can get to the rim quickly and finish before defenders can contest. Great court awareness coming off ball-screens and can shoot the ball at a high percentage.


*6’2 PG Jacob Sharp of Jesse Bethel HS 2019 (NBBA 17u HGSL)

Floor general with great change of pace. Great I.Q. and ability to think ahead. Very good shooter. Defends well and plays with patience.


6’0 SG Cameran Sherwood of Turlock HS 2019 (Stanco Stampede 17U)

Undersized two guard but can shoot the lights out. High percentage shooter especially when his feet are set. JUCO ready.


*6’2 SG Garrett Siebels of Casa Grande HS 2019 (NBBA 17u Gray)

Shooter with a quick release and heats up fast. A solid passer who anticipates well on both ends of the floor


5’7 PG Jeremiah Simon of Monterey HS 2021(Seaside Finest 15u)

Quick and crafty one man. Has a good motor, runs the team. Good catch and shoot 3. Good in the open court going to the rim and making the right pass.


6’4 SF Trevon Snoddy of Skyridge HS (UT) 2020 (Salt Lake Metro 17 Black)

Fair athlete, can shoot it with 3-point range. Works hard on defense.


6’1 SG David Sonnier of Archbishop Riordan HS 2019 (San Francisco Rebels 17u)

Excellent athlete. Capable playmaker on the break who can really pass. Can rebound from the guard position.


*6’1 SG Sinjin Speer of Clayton Valley Charter 2019 (Lakeshow 17’s Black)

Southpaw sniper with a quick release and deep range. One of the best shooters in the event. Very skilled passer. High I.Q. helps him to never be out of place defensively.


*6’4 SG Brody Steinhart of California HS 2019 (Lakeshow 17’s Black)

Lefty, Jack of all trades and cable of doing anything on the floor. A solid shooter who passes the ball well with a good I.Q. for the game. Length allows him to defend and rebound.


6’4 SF Justin Stephens of Gahr HS 2019 (WCE 17 High Academic)

Active and athletic. Can handle it, has a jump hook on the block, is an ok driver. Good rebounder who goes after the ball.


6’0 PG Brandon Taylor of Naya HS (OR) 2018 (Active PCH Leaders 17)

Floor general with a lethal crossover. Uses his strong frame and quick first step to finish in traffic. Has a nice pull up game in the half court. Vocal leadership and court vision allow him to make his teammates better.


5’10 PG Jason Thompson of Harvard Westlake HS 2022 (WCEUA 15 Gold)

Quick, change of pace floor general that attacks the rim with a purpose.

Pass-first point guard that takes efficient shots while helping others get easy opportunities as well.


6’3 CG Hunter Thorne of Thousand Oaks HS 2019 (West Coast Elite HA)

Can shoot the lights out of the ball. Handles the ball well against pressure. Always seems composed. Willing defender. Makes the right decision when distributing the ball.


 5’8 PG Isaiah Trapps of Freedom HS 2018 (Shawn Smith Basketball 17u)

GREAT in the pick and roll to score or pass. Loves contact and makes teammates better.


6’0 CG Elijah Trice of O’Connor HS (AZ) 2019 (Powerhouse Hoops 17 King)

Fairly athletic combo guard with competent ball handling skills. Shoots it well and has 3 range, is an ok driver.


6’1 PG Cole Troedson of Bellarmine Prep 2019 (Top Flight Elite 17 Red)

Fair athlete with a little burst. Moves well without the ball and shoots it fairly well with 3 range. Can get to the basket on the drive.


6’4 W Grant Tull of Gridley HS 2021 (Sacramento Soldiers 15)

Lefty forward who runs the floor great and is a good finisher. Okay driver from 15 feet in.


*6’7 F Edward “Squid” Turner of Foothill HS 2019 (California United 559 17u)

Long and athletic combo forward. Very active on the glass. Finds ways to score inside and outside.


*5’10 PG Chime Ugbaja of Archbishop Riordan HS 2019 (Bay Area Warriors Gold 17)

Very Intelligent guard who sees the game unfolding before it happens. A great shooter with a strong handle. A pest on defense who keeps the ball in front of him well.


6’9 Carter Van Hammond of Perry HS (AZ) 2021(Powerhouse Hoops 15 Compton)

Big and active post with great hands. Runs the floor well. Good feel of the game. Plays hard.


*6’3 PG Joshua Vasquez of Bishop Montgomery HS 2019 (California Stars 17’s Elite)

Very good shooter. Strong skill set that lets him stay elusive off of the dribble, has the ability to make teammates better. Has a ton of length at his position.


6’7 CF David Veening of Nooksack Valley HS (WA) 2018 (Seattle Select High Academic)

Moves fairly well without the ball, dribble operates on the block. Can pass it, ok driver. Active on the glass.


5’7 PG Cameron Walker of Turlock HS 2021 (Stanco Stampede 15u)

Crafty one man. Facilitator for his team. Shooter and good defender. He made big shots and controlled the tempo.


6’0 PG Jacquez Walker of Piedmont Hills HS 2018 (YBA 17U Showcase Adam)

Athletic one man-runs well. Has a pull up game, a nice first step and a solid floater.


6’2 PG Samuel Warren San Ramon Valley HS 2021 (Lakeshow 15’s White)

Good shooter, capable handler. Solid defender and a good rebounder.


*6’2 PG Jalen Washington of Bishop Montgomery HS 2019 (California Stars 17u Platinum)

Elusive but powerful point guard who is tough to guard one on one. Strong court vision with ability to slash to the rim.


6’4 PG Dean Watson of Redwood HS 2019 (Bay Area Warriors Blue 17u)

Floor general with great passing vision. Dribbles well and is a sniper from beyond the arc.


*6’5 SG Jihaun Westbrook of Serrano HS 2019 (Cali stars 17 Elite)

Bonafide shooter with real deep range. Shot selection is shaky at times. Has a nice burst with the ball in his hands. Shows some ability to defend on ball.


*6’1 PG Joseph White of Skyridge HS (UT) 2019 (Salt Lake Metro 17 Black)

Tremendous passing vision and very high I.Q. Lethal shooter and high motor. Very difficult to guard off of the dribble.


6’5 SF Clayton Whitman of Lynden HS (WA) 2019 (Seattle Select High Academic)

Confident ball handler, moves well without the ball. Shoots it fairly well with 3-point range. Has D 1 potential.


6’0 PG Calin Whitney of Villa Park HS 2020 (Cali Stars 16U Elite)

Point guard with a steady handle and 3 point shot. Handle is strong enough to create his own shot off the bounce. Transition decision making can improve. Has a good feel for the game and he’s a threat off the ball.


6’2 SG Julian Williams of Highland HS 2019 (California United 559 17u)

Savvy ball handler, finishes in transition. Has an impressive floater, decent shooter with 3 range.


5’10 PG Osumani Williams of Oakwood School 2019 (Lakeshow 17U Select)

Controls the tempo, strong handler. Good balance between keeping teammates involved with his precision passing ability while being aggressive and scoring. Scrappy defender.


*6’5 G/W Cam Wilson of Central HS 2018 (YBA 17 Cole)

Elite shooter with quick release and NBA range. Wing span allows him to shoot over defenders with ease. Very good athlete who can play above the rim and in passing lanes.


6’3 G Dominic Wood of Junipero Serra HS 2020 (LA Elite Premier 16u)

Quick guard and a good defender. Ok driver and ok catch and shoot. Athletic and can block shots.  


6’0 SG Marvin Zou of Palo Alto HS 2019 (Peak 17U)

Runs the floor well, has a nice floater. Capable ball handling skills, finishes effectively in transition.