2018 Bob Gibbons Standouts


Posted On: 05/21/18 10:18 AM

The 2018 Bob Gibbons Tournament was held once again at Suwannee Sports Academy in Suwanne, GA. The famous tournament featured programs such as Stackhouse Elite (NC), Upward Stars (SC), Louisiana Elite, George Stars, Atlanta Xpress (GA), Team Charlotte (NC), Atlanta Celtics, E1T1 (FL), Game Elite, Atlanta All Stars, EAB (TN), and more. This weekend featured a ton of prospects and next level talent and below are just a few guys who stood out the whole weekend.


2019 guard Chase Hunter – Atlanta Xpress (GA) – Westlake High School (GA)

Chase Hunter has improved his game tremondously since his sophomore season at Westlake. He is now risen his stock throughout the years and have stacked his offer list. Chase displayed his talents all weekend long and is just a very fun guard to watch. His incredible athleticism makes him hard to guard when he has the rock in his possession. He is a shot creator and maker with fantastic bounce and hangtime. Hunter showed us he is a vicious dunker all weekend and to prove that, just check out the video link below. Video by Hoopdiamonds. The rising senior is in for a huge year at Westlake and is the favorite as of right now to win his region player of the year award.



2019 point guard Chico Carter Jr – Team Charlotte (NC) – Cardinal Newman High School (FL)

Arguably the most valuable player of the whole weekend was Chico Carter Jr, without question. Team Charlotte, one of the best 17U teams nationwide, bought their physical talents down to the peach state. With missing four players due to prom, Chico Carter led his Team Charlotte squad to a 5-0 weekend record and also taking home a championship. Carter is a very tough point guard who can facilitate and connect on his jumpers. Chico has Antonio Blakeney similarities by the way he plays on the floor. He has an array of moves when trying to score and he was also able to find his teammates as well for scoring opportunities.


2019 point guard Jaire Eastmond – Game Elite (GA) – Wheeler High School (GA)

Jaire Roscoe Eastmond had him a very good tournament this weekend with Game Elite. Even though coming up short of a championship appearance this weekend, Roscoe was very efficient for his team. He is one of the underrated guards we have here in the state of Georgia. He is a smooth floor general and has a finesse in his passing abilities. He is the type of point guard that controls the action when running the offense and has outstanding vision. Jaire can also defend as well, he lacks size but he can defend as a point guard like a Chris Paul.


2019 point guard Jalen Benjamin – Stackhouse Elite (NC) – Leesville Road High School (NC)

The 6’0 point guard Jalen Benjamin had himself a weekend with his Stackhouse Elite squad. He is the elite floor general for one of the nations top 17U teams. His high IQ and decision making stood out the most and has always stood out when watching Jalen. He is elite at reading the defense and the reacting to whatever the opposing team gives him. What also makes him great is his ability to knock down his shots off the dribble and off the catch. Jalen is an attacking guard as well   which forces the defense to suck in and where he is able to find his open teammates for a shot or layup.


2019 forward Malachi Rhodes – Game Elite (GA) – Eagles Landing Christian (GA)

Here’s a prospect who I believe is a real sleeper in the recruiting process. Malachi Rhodes is a 6’7 forward who is somewhat of an amazing floor runner. He stoodout this weekend showing us his skills to finish inside the paint and his great hands. Rhodes has a fluid game and once has the ball around the basket he is always looking to score. He gave us a look at his jumper as well as Malachi was able to conncet on a few of his mid range jumpers. He has incredible upside and could develop as one of the best versatile forwards in Georgia in the near future.