Posted On: 05/19/18 5:21 PM

Quinton Harvey 2019 Ball 4 Life Forward


Harvey is the heart and soul of Ball 4 Life 17U. At 6’6 Harvey is in the tweener range where he has a game more like a Wing but is willing to go down low and battle if his team needs him to on defense. In college, Harvey is going to be a 3 or stretch four depending on the system. He was huge on the boards for Ball 4 Life, especially on the offensive end. Whatever Ball 4 Life asks of him he does his best to excel at on the court. Harvey is going to be a player colleges find late and fall in love with his game.

Cole Durkee 2019 Ball 4 Life Wing

Durkee is a three-point making machine. He was on fire knocking down shots in catch and shoot situations from behind the arc. To say Durkee is just a shooter is a big stretch considering his skills to find the open man, rebound, and his high motor. Durkee is going to make a small college very happy with the determination he plays with on the court.

Garrett Rouse 2019 Oklahoma Impact Wing

Over this past year, Rouse has added muscle benefiting his game and giving more of a college-ready look. For most of his, career Rouse has been known for making plays on the offensive end. Defense is an area where Rouse has made a clear improvement showing a fantastic effort to close out on opponents, exploit passing lanes

Peyton Golightly 2019 OK Run PWP Red

Golightly is a big bodied four man with the ability to stretch the floor. The sweet three-point stroke of Golightly is intriguing to add to his good size. He powers his way inside bulling defenders on the block. Golightly is set for a breakout year in high school.

Shemar Smith 2019 Team Griffin Forward

Smith has been fantastic this weekend attacking the basket with force. When Smith gets an opportunity to go at any defender or a hint of an opening at the rim he surges towards the rim with every intention of tearing it off. The aggressive nature Smith plays with is exciting to watch. Smith is having a great Spring flying very under the radar at this point.


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