Posted On: 05/19/18 2:00 PM

Jaxon Robinson 2021 Team Griffin Wing
Robinson is a good player inside and out. He has good size which allows him to bang down in the low post but he also has athleticism that allows him to step out to the Wing or handle the ball. Robinson has a good perimeter shot which allows him to stretch the court well. He also plays good defense. With his athleticism, he can step out and guard someone on the perimeter but he also can guard the big man down low. Robinson is a player to keep an eye on as he develops because he could be something special.

Abraham Aghasedo 2021 Oklahoma Power Post
Aghasedo is the type of Post that you want on your team. He is a good rebounder that does all of the fundamentals right. He can finish at the rim through contact. He plays well on defense and does what is needed of him. He has a good work ethic and is not afraid to bang down low.

J. Willis 2021 Spencer Cougars Post
Willis is a good Post in the paint. He is might be a little raw offensively, but he has a nice set of post moves that allow him to score. Willis is a good rebounder and does what his team needs of him. He is solid on defense and stays with his man. If Willis can develop more of his offensive game, he will be a player that can surprise a few with his natural talent.

Jalen Pierre 2021 Oklahoma Showtime Wing
Pierre is a lengthy Wing who uses his length well. He can take over games with his ability. He is good on the ball and can take it at his defender. He uses his athleticism and speed to get past his guy and slash to the bucket. He has good size which helps him get in the passing lanes and affect shots in the defensive end of the court. He is best when his team runs Iso plays for him. He is hard to guard and causes a lot of problems when the ball is in his hand. He can also step out and hit shots from the perimeter. Pierre is a scorer and can do it in many ways.

Xavier Glenn Tulsa Kings 2021 Wing
Glenn is a tough Wing. He attacks the basket with confidence and can finish contested shots at the rim. He is confident with the ball in his hand and he shows the ability to handle the ball well. He is a solid defender. Glenn takes much of the load for his team and is always working hard. He is a player that people should keep an eye on.