Workout and Evaluations


Posted On: 04/19/18 8:09 PM


Donovynn Sisson-Lewis and Isaac Farnsworth got together this evening to get a workout in prior to their tournament in Omaha, Nebraska starting tomorrow night. Indy Heat 16U Red will be playing in the Midwest Live tournament with their first game being tomorrow night at 8:25 p.m. CST.

The workout consisted of individual ball-handling development and decision making, ball screen action, creating space working with off-ball screens, and finding opportunities in mismatch situations. Two-ball work with quick dribble moves and tennis ball incorporation made them react rather than anticipate how they would be guarded in game like situations. As they integrated individual work into ball-screen action, they showed creativity with the bounce when they were faced with a switch and a guard-on-big matchup.

The workout progressed into creating scoring opportunities and space with off-ball screens on offense. Donovynn and Isaac worked in curl action, flare screens, and straight cuts with moves off the dribble. Throughout the workout, they stepped to the line between drills to focus on their free-throws. Sisson-Lewis finished the workout 26-30 (87%) from the line while Farnsworth was close behind at 24-30 (80%).

Donovynn Sisson-Lewis – 6’1” | G | New Haven High School | Class of 2020

Donovynn Sisson-Lewis has continued to make big strides in his game. He is strong, shifty, and creative with the ball in his hands. His basketball IQ is one of his strongest assets at the guard position and he uses it to create opportunities for himself and his teammates. His ball handling has greatly improved and he looked comfortable as a lead guard in their first weekend of play. Donovyyn can get into the lane with the best of them in the Class of 2020 and finishes well around the rim with both hands. He has developed a lethal mid-range jumper and is working the floater into his offensive arsenal. Sisson-Lewis is a knock-down catch and shoot guard from the corner and has progressed with his jumper off the dribble. His creativeness on the offensive end has put pressure on defenses in the past.

During the first weekend of action, he was face-guarded in multiple situations but used his basketball knowledge to get others open and he took advantage of the aggressive defense by getting to the free-throw line. His court vision in the open floor is tremendous and he understands the importance of getting great shots each and every possession.

As he continues to expand his influence on the offensive end of the floor, he is getting quicker and stronger on the defensive end. His activity and length bother opposing guards and he has a keen sense of getting into passing lanes.

Donovynn is a big-time upside player who is starting to come into his own. He is poised for a great summer with the Indy Heat Red 16U group and two more years at New Haven. Strong lead guard with a great understanding of the game and expanding offensive game.

Isaac Farnsworth – 6’3” | G/F | Fort Wayne Snider High School | Class of 2020

Isaac Farnsworth is a transfer from Lakewood Park Christian and is stepping up into a big situation with Snider’s sophomore and freshman class bringing in some great talent. Farnsworth has developed the identity of a defensive stopper in his first two high school seasons. His energy, enthusiasm, and activity on the defensive end of the floor is contagious. He has length and strength on the wing and rebounds with the best of them at his position. Isaac is another prospect that has flown a little bit under-the-radar but has a great opportunity to flip that script this summer. His lateral movement and up and down speed looked good this past weekend in Fort Wayne at the Spring Kick-Off Classic and he was a key contributor in their tournament run. Isaac is a natural born leader who understands the importance of communication on both ends of the floor.

Farnsworth has also developed a mid-range pull-up game that he relies uses effectively on offense. With his length, he can get that shot off under duress. His length also helps him get to the basket where he has shown improvement in his finishing ability. Isaac is creative when he gets to the basket and is a good passer when he attacks the back line of the defense along the baseline. As a catch and shoot guard, he is confident when he steps up to the line and has shot the ball well over the past few months.

With the group that Isaac finds himself amongst this summer, he will have the opportunity to expand his offensive game off the bounce and show that he can create opportunities in the open floor. Farnsworth is a prospect to keep an eye on in the Fort Wayne area.