Westin Reynolds Recruiting Update (2018)


Posted On: 04/11/18 3:12 PM

April basketball recruiting condenses the courting process.  Players are antsy to find a home.  College coaches zero in on players they can host or visit.  The longshots occupy less time for coaches.

Players and their families typically arrive at the most realistic level of recruiting.  Realities are either embraced or ignored, but April is a pivotal month for everybody involved.

Though he was attracting college interest for both baseball and basketball outgoing senior forward/wing Westin Reynolds (Powell) is making the most of his earned college options.

“I am looking to play college basketball,” said Powell’s starter Westin Reynolds.  “Currently I have an offer from Bryan College, and interest from Walters State and Tennessee Wesleyan.

Reynolds scheduled a visit to Tennessee Wesleyan today.

The TWU Bulldogs were composed of 57% Tennessee-raised hoopers this winter.  You might remember a few of them from their high school success:

Darius Filer (Fulton)
Matt Randolph (Knoxville Central)
Todd Lansden (CSAS)
Kenny Dean (Alcoa)
Andre Applewhite (Memphis Central)
Jordan Hall (Lenoir City)

TWU is an NAIA school lead by Head Coach Mike Poe.  His staff of Associate Head Coach Ray Stone and Assistant Coach John Ferguson have been in place over 13 years.  It is an operation with much, much more stability than most NAIA programs.

Westin Reynolds is not close-minded or narrowed to a single school just yet.

“I’m highly interested in Walters State.”

Senior Memories

In Westin Reynolds’ senior season, his Powell Panthers advanced to the state tournament.

Facing Alcoa February 9th, Reynolds contributed 16 points and 11 rebounds.  His team surged in late February and early March, stringing together impressive wins over Oak Ridge, William Blount, Maryville, and Science Hill.

Oak Ridge beat PHS twice earlier in the season and Maryville knocked them off late December.  In the final weeks of his high school career Westin Reynolds helped his senior class exact some delicious revenge.

It is just about time for another whimsical basketball announcement from the Powell Panther Westin Reynolds.