Posted On: 04/30/18 8:37 PM

Mike Negron drove his Fort Campbell Snipers 17u team up to Indiana for the weekend.  Despite consecutive losses opening the weekend, Coach Negron’s troops finished with a flurry.

“We did pretty good,” said Fort Campbell Snipers 17u Head Coach Mike Negron.  “We went 3-2 up there in Indiana.  Ended up winning Bronze Championship (box below).”

As the caravan left Indianapolis the Clarksville-based team was able to enjoy the strong Sunday.

Jaylen Negron delivered 19 points in the final (3-7 3’s) and Monson gave 13 points to the winning cause.

Kole Monson spent a few minutes talking to @PrepHoopsTN two weeks ago.

The Rossview wing features a sturdy body with a mixture of scoring skills.

Jaylen Negron (PrepHoopsTN #66)  and Kole Monson (PrepHoopsTN #101) are Coach Negron’s leaders.

“This weekend I tried to re-adjust my technique of subbing,” said Coach Negron.  “I realized I needed to have one of those guys on the court at all times to control the team.”

They both look like college prospects.  Negron has important physical attributes of height and speed.  His handles are steady, even great in pockets.

“Kole weighs a little bit more,” said Coach Negron.  “Has a good body frame.  Very high IQ.  Knows when to take shots.  Understands what defenses are trying to do.”

Beyond the two scoring leaders Coach Negron runs out a few more nice players.

“Jarius Satterfield (#154 in 2019) averaged about  seven points per game,” said Snipers Head Coach Negron.  “He was more of my point guard.”


Adidas sponsors two tiers, the Gold Gauntlet and the Silver Gauntlet.  With some exceptions the Gold teams have their travel paid for by adidas.  Otherwise, the difference can be negligible between the middle of gold and top of silver.  Of course the bottom of silver can be pretty bleak.

Fort Campbell Snipers 17u lean on Jaylen and Monson to keep near the top of Silver.

“We played pretty well,” said Coach Negron.  “We played Kansas City Team Rush (boxscore below).  We played them.  They were tough.  They probably had 7-8 D1 players on that team.  We just lost some fundamentals.”

According to Coach Negron 15-16 college coaches watched that first game.  AAU weekends and the turnouts can be spotty.  Even the recruiting analysts are only slightly better than chance at guessing which college coaches and how many college coaches will attend each particular game.

Generally, coaches watch just before or continuously after offering ad infinitum.  The KC team brought many of those coaches in to the gym and yet there they sat…watching Fort Campbell Snipers too.

For the vast majority of high school hoopers those are the best chances they ever get.  Jaylen Negron maximized his first showing.

“I know Austin Peay has some interest,” said Coach Negron.  “I hear that unofficially.  They want some film on Jaylen.  They came to see (Alec) Kegler when Northeast played West Creek.  And (Austin Peay) asked about him. ‘Who was #30?'”

Negron has that sparkle that tilts the needle.  Speed and size instantly jump off the page.  Jaylen has the speed.

“They said what he needs to be in the weight room,” shared Coach Negron.  “He goes to a trainer a couple times a week.  By the end of the summer we hope he has 10-15 pounds added.  He is definitely getting stronger.”

Returning to the Indianapolis AAU stop, the Ohio Hoopsters crushed the Snipers Saturday.

“Then we played Illinois Elite, Pride Athletics,” stated Coach Negron.  “The last one was Game Elite Blue out of Atlanta.  That is who we played in the championship game.”

Coach Negron was proud of his players.

“Turned some heads,” said Coach Negron.  “Tennessee was definitely represented well up there.   We drew some pretty good crowds when we played.”

For fans, families, and college recruiters the next chance to catch these Fort Campbell Snipers is just around the corner.

“We play in Memphis in May,” said Coach Negron.  “After that we will be in Atlanta, the Memorial Day weekend.”

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