Posted On: 04/9/18 2:59 PM

In the spring time following their freshman season, it’s time for us to really lock in on a class. We’ll spend a lot of time in the first two months of the grassroots season at 15U games, in order to build a legitimate database of players going into their sophomore campaigns.

This weekend, we were fortunate to catch several of the top players from the 2021 class. Plenty of young prospects with obvious D-I or D-II projections stood out, along with various sleepers.

In fact, there were so many standouts that we’re breaking this up into two parts (click here for the frontcourt section).

Jaden Hameed, 5’10” PG, All Ohio Red / VASJ

It was tough to evaluate the two Red players on this list (and the whole team for that matter), because they weren’t challenged in the game we watched. However, Hameed has some obvious point guard gifts. Whatever he lacks in height, Hameed makes up for in IQ and shooting. He’s an efficient player because of his catch-and-shoot ability and unselfish style of play.

Ramelle Arnold, 5’10” PG, All Ohio Red / Warrensville Heights

Arnold is a more eccentric player than his counterpart. His ball-handling ability is pretty special. Arnold uses a nasty hesitation move to get into the paint and had a couple impressive crossovers. By staying low to the ground, not many opponents will be able to take the ball from him.

Isaiah Walker, 6’2” W, Cincinnati Royals Blue / Wyoming

Walker is a straight-line slasher who finished at a high level in the open floor on Sunday. Although he’s not quite there as a creator/scorer in the halfcourt, Walker leaked out for numerous buckets and finished through traffic. There’s some side-spin on his jumper. Good build and overall athlete. Made an impact on help-side defense.

AJ Mirgon, 5’11” PG, Mid Ohio Pumas Elite / Hilliard Bradley

Mirgon shot up the charts this weekend. We were unaware of the extent of his abilities after watching him in a small role on Bradley’s varsity team. But, he’s the biggest stock-riser amongst this group of 2021 guards.

The athletic point guard rebounded extremely well for his size, as he skied towards the rim for those. Mirgon sees the floor well and zipped a couple passed into the paint to cutters. He didn’t shoot the ball too much from the outside, but the stroke looked pure when he let it go. Mirgon also uses his athleticism and passing ability to escape traps. Ball-secure and mature floor general. Totally different player with an increased role.

Jakada Stone, 5’11” PG, BTC Trojans 16U / Aiken

Stone has what it takes to be a special point guard. It was our second time watching him. The first? He converted several free throws at the end of a close game to eliminate Wyoming in the first round of the playoffs. Sunday, Stone showed off his elite bursts of speed in getting to the basket. Once he tightens up his shot selection, Stone could be one of the top PGs in 2021.