Unsigned and Rising Senior Standout Players

North Carolina

Posted On: 04/15/18 8:29 PM

Juice All-Stars Junior Guard Eli Hudson: He’s one of those players that you like to have on your squad, when he’s confident he can be a very solid player and he always brings energy. His classification is what many call ‘‘3 and D’’ he can knock down the deep ball but also brings it on the defensive end of the floor.

Defenders Elite Junior Wonderful Ngwenah: He gets the award for the best name of any player at the event, as soon as we saw his name on the roster he got our attention. He’s still a player that has work to do on his game but we like some of the flashes he showed as well as how hard he played the game.

Defenders Elite Unsigned Martin Flax: Does a good job of leading his team, regardless of if he’s having a bigtime scoring day or not he is constantly engaged and communicating with teammates and coaches. Anytime you see a guard that doesn’t seem to get rattled and is efficient, you have to be intrigued.

Defenders Elite Junior Guard Cameron Williams: The style of play that he uses to be productive is a very physical style of play, he reminds you of a running back the way he gets into the gaps of the defense. He has nice upper body strength and we always love it when a player doesn’t just settle for deep shots but instead attacks.

Defenders Elite Junior Forward Brandon Christian: A multisport athlete that excels on the basketball court and on the football field, he is one that we could see playing both on the next level as well. He rebounded the ball, finished inside, blocked shots, and did just about everything he could to help his tem although they would fall short.

Garner Road Junior Forward Luke Davis: There is a lot to like about this young man, he has played on winning teams for his high school career and doesn’t mind doing the dirty work on the court. His shot blocking ability as well as his ability to make plays above the rim are attributes that you love to see and are what college coaches will want to see from him in the future.