Top Shooters Of The Spring

North Carolina

Posted On: 04/28/18 8:51 PM

Team Loaded 2018 Wing David Wingett: If you had the chance to see Bull City Prep play over the past year, then this is no surprise to you at all. At 6’7 with long arms and a fairly quick release, he doesn’t have much of an issue with getting his shot off effectively as well as being efficient.

Game Elite 2019 Guard Josh Nickelberry: He recently made the move to return to Game Elite so we all know that the backcourt of he and Ashton Hagans will once again enjoy much success. His ability to shoot the ball has always been impressive even as a middle schooler, look for him to light it up on the Adidas Circuit for the rest of the Spring.

Team Felton 2019 Wing Joey Baker: Although he has suffered some injuries so far this season, he always turns heads with his ability to knock down the deep ball. The combination of his height and the ease he knocks down shots with makes him a player that you love to have on your squad and we can see why so many Duke fans are excited about his commitment.

Team ENC 2019 Guard Phil Martin: If you don’t pick him up early and often he will fill up the stat sheet on you very quickly, he doesn’t need much space to get his shot off and has deep range. His playing style reminds me of Jalen Rose a little bit, as he plays at a tempo that isn’t the fastest but is effective , using his skill and IQ to get where he wants.

WBCA 2021 Guard Khalil Marshall: One of the youngest players on the list but he belongs without a doubt, he is craft with the ball and can knock down shots with ease. It doesn’t matter if its off the dribble or off the catch, he’s productive and can score the ball without much trouble.

Big Shots Elite 2019 Guard Drew Greene: With an offer from Campbell already under his belt, he’s looking to turn the interest from so many programs, into scholarship offers. He can shoot the deep ball well and moves without the ball, if you leave him open he will definitely make you pay for it.