Top Scorers from Opening Night at the Southern Brawl


Posted On: 04/21/18 7:40 AM

Opening night featured several prospects that put on a show scoring the basketball well.


Parker Clarida 2019 Team Unity Point Guard

Clarida scored the ball better than any other player on Friday night at the Southern Brawl. He was able to create his own shot at any point. When the buzzer sounded Clarida had 28 points. Clarida is not the quickest but has a good change of pace that opens up shots. Clarida scored nearly every point from inside the three-point line on Friday. He does a good job of attacking the basket in transition. Small colleges will want to get Clarida on their radar in the Oklahoma 2019 Class.

Payton Lusk 2020 Rockets 918 Wing 

Lusk came out firing on Friday night. He was a man on a mission looking to prove he could score the ball at a high level. Lusk shot the ball lights out from behind the arc. What allowed him to get so open was his ability to move without the ball in his hands. He projects to the small college level.

Colton Simmons 2020 AAO Flight Wing

Simmons was a productive Wing on Friday night for AAO Flight out of Arkansas. He used his good size and sweet release to find the bottom of the net. Simmons is an intriguing prospect with upside. He projects to the small college level.

CJ Campbell 2020 Oklahoma Eagles Point Guard

Campbell plays with great quickness at the Point Guard spot. He had a slow start on Friday night, but once he got going in the second half he could not be stopped. Campbell thrives when he gets going down hill attacking the basket. He has a smooth lay-up finish in traffic. Campbell will be a guy for small colleges to know in the 2020 Class out of Edmond Memorial.

Danquez Dawsey 2021 Oklahoma Showtime Point Guard 

Dawsey quietly had a nice scoring outburst on opening night for Oklahoma Showtime. He was able to get a ton of foul calls using his quickness off the dribble. When Dawsey got to the line he converted 10-11 attempts.

Jacob Orr 2022 Team Factory Wing 

Orr started his night out with a three-point bucket, which jump-started his offensive game. He was lights out from inside the arc attacking the basket with aggressiveness.


Conner Calavan 2020 Tulsa Hawks Wing 

Calavan looks like a completely different prospect from a year ago. He has transformed into a lethal scorer from the Wing with an added quickness to go along with his killer three-point jumper. Calavan projects to the small college level.

Carson Price 2019 Next Level Wing

Price had himself quite the showing on Friday night netting 24 points for Next Level Elite on the Wing. He scored the ball consistently well from mid-range and around the basket. In the second half, Price got hot and hit three straight three-pointers from deep.

Jordan Fortenberry 2020 Oklahoma Hustle Wing

Fortenberry scored the ball well getting to the hoop. He also scored it from mid-range for the Oklahoma Hustle. Fortenberry mixed in a few three-pointers to keep defenders on their toes. It will be interesting to see if Fortenberry can continue this high level of scoring throughout the weekend.

Josh Linehan 2020 Willpower Forward 

Linehan had a big-time first half netting 16 points for his squad. Baskets inside got him going early and he heated up quickly. He dominated inside the three-point line. As the game went along he even mixed in a pair of three-pointers.


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