Posted On: 04/23/18 9:06 PM

Ben Smith 2019 OK Run PWP Wing

Smith was instrumental in his team picking up their first Under Armor Circuit won. He was doing everything his team needed. He played hard and crashed the boards well. He grabbed rebounds with authority throughout the weekend. He will be a player that could gather a lot of interest. Smith recently picked up his first NCAA Division I offer from Tulsa.

Kalib Boone 2019 OK Run PWP Post

Boone is a beast on the inside. He has good size that allows him to grab boards easily over his opponents. He is smart and nifty and gets around his opponents to get to the ball. He has the ability to grab boards on both ends of the court which can help his team on nights they aren’t particularly shooting the ball well. Boone recently committed to Oklahoma State with his brother Keylan. 

Jacob Germany 2019 Team Griffin Post

Germany had a big weekend on the boards in Dallas. He played well and used his size to his advantage. He showed an ability to put the ball straight back up. Germany is garnering a lot of attention from college coaches because of his size and athletic ability. Germany has two NCAA Division I offers and he is looking to gain more with his play this summer. 

Bijan Cortes 2021 Team Griffin Guard 

Cortes is the type of Guard a coach wants on his team. He plays hard at all times despite the scoreline and is always doing the fundamentals right. He crashes the boards hard and in result, he gets a lot of rebounds. His rebounds are created by his effort and positioning. He does the work early and gets in position to grab the boards. 



Mason Robbins 2020 OK Run PWP Post 

Robbins is big-bodied Post with a lot of size. He uses that to his advantage while rebounding. Robbins gets inside his man and grabs the board. He does a good job blocking out and grabbing the board to get his team on the break. Robbins is a solid post that can do what his team needs him to do. He grabs boards and forces his the other team to shoot the ball over him. Robbins has the fundamentals down. He could be a big role player for his PWP team this summer. 

Brock Davis 2020 OK Run PWP Forward

Davis is an athletic Forward that can play a little stretch four. He does a good job grabbing the boards for PWP. He uses his size and athleticism to get past his opponents to get the board. Davis is a fun player to watch and will be an interesting prospect to keep an eye on this summer.