Posted On: 04/9/18 5:33 PM

The annual E1T1 Invitational took place this weekend at both The Big House and CPS Sportsplex.

There were teams from grades 4th-11th that filled the courts and fans were packed in to watch the event unfold.

Here is the first part of the top performers I watched this weekend in Orlando.

2019 G Marsei Caston (Potter’s House Christian/E1T1 United)

There wasn’t a more dominant attacker and productive shooter in the event than Marsei Caston. The 6’3″ guard was making big shots for E1T1 United. He has all the tools to be a successful shooting guard with his ability to blaze past defenders.

2020 F Brandon Harris (Georgia Beach/Game Elite)

Part of a deep and athletic Game Elite unit, Brandon Harris performed at a high level. The 6’7″ forward is at his best when he slashes to the basket. His strength and length give him an advantage over a lot of taller and leaner defenders. Harris has a mature skill set.

2020 G Bradley Douglas (Eustis/Balkman Elite)

Getting to the rim is a speciality of the Balkman Elite guard. Bradley Douglas is built like a running back and his ability to push the ball in transition is super impressive. The 6’2″ guard makes it look easy to get to one end of the floor to the other. If he can hit from outside consistently, Douglas will be tough to slow down.

2020 F Yussif Basa-Ama (Westlake Prep/Wade Elite)

I was highly impressed by Yussif Basa-Ama, a 6’10” big man who can shoot the mid-range jumper well and get inside for baskets. Basa-Ama plays for a Wade Elite group that doesn’t have stars but always plays with energy. He uses his body well and plays with a purpose on both ends of the floor.

2019 F Kenan Blackshear (Jones/NSB Game Speed Elite)

Not done growing, Kenan Blackshear doesn’t care about who he plays against, he makes plays. The 6’7″ forward can flat out shoot and his ability to generate contact and get to the free throw stride helps his cause. Blackshear plays the game the right way, hustling and never complaining, just simply playing basketball.