Top Performers: ACBL 16U Week 3


Posted On: 04/13/18 4:09 PM

Last night, there were a number of impressive performances at the ACBL 16U event. In addition to solid play from the players, the coaching at the event definitely defied the stereotype that is pushed forth by many that club coaches don’t instruct. With the combination of strong coaching and talented teams, these groups look prepared to have success on the grassroots circuits.

Top Performers: ACBL 16U Week 3

Dominic Gonzalez 6’3 SG 2020 Ironwood (Factory)

Gonzalez has been one of the top performers consistently at ACBL and for the Factory. Last night, he averaged 19 points per game in the two games he played. In the first game, he scored 28 of the team’s 62 points against the Arizona Wizards. While he shot the basketball well from deep, he was quite impressive last night due to his ability to shoot off of the dribble and finish at the rim. He looks much improved and ready to have a huge junior season.

Matt Jensen 5’10 PG/SG Mountain Ridge (Arizona Wild)

Jensen shot the basketball extremely well off of the dribble and in catch and shoot situations for the Wild. He is consistently been one of the better shooters in this class. With that said, he has improved his ability to shoot using on-ball screens. Last night, he rejected a on-ball screen and went left. He was able to create space, stop on a dime, and hit a 3. Jensen will be a big part of Mountain Ridge’s plans this upcoming season due to his shooting abilities.

Greg Butler 6’4 SG 2019 Central (Team Zona)

Butler played well as he created a number of shots for himself and shot it well. The vast majority of his shots were typically mid-range jumpers. Due to his length and athleticism, he was able to elevate over the help side defender and shoot the mid-range shot with relatively no contest from the defense. Further, Butler is typically a fixture on the 17U Zona team. Thus, when he plays with this group, he gets chance to be a primary ball handler and work on his point guard skills. While he is not lightening fast, he demonstrated a confident handle and had few turnovers.

Jamar Brown 6’2 PG/SG 2020 Hamilton (Arizona Wizards)

Brown was the leader of a very good shooting performance for the Arizona Wizards. While they came up short in the first contest, Brown and the Wizards were lights out from deep. In terms of shot difficulty, Brown hit the toughest shot of the night to tie the game at 60 prior to Zeke Thompkins finish that won the game for the Factory. Brown is an under the radar prospect who can shoot the basketball with anyone in the state.

Adam Hamilton 6’7 PF/C 2019 Buckeye (Team Zona)

Another prospect who typically plays on the 17U team, Hamilton dominated the paint for Team Zona. They played off of him for the majority of the night and they had a lot of success. Unofficially, Hamilton had 4 assists off of the block on kick outs to shooters when double teams came. His confidence and patience on the block were keys to his and Team Zona’s success. While a number of prospects who are playing down view it as a chance to dominate and score a lot, Hamilton took it on as an opportunity to work all of the facets of his game. He was poised and did not force shots.