Top Handlers from the Route 66 Kickoff


Posted On: 04/7/18 12:01 PM

Tyus Jeffrey 2018 Team Cougars Elite

Jeffrey has good handles that allow him to impose himself on the game. He creates space with his hands and can shoot off the dribble. Jeffry is a solid guard that a small college could steal at the last minute. 

Kenny Foster Colorado Hawks Guard 

Foster is a good-sized guard that can play fast. He has good handles that allow him to push the pace of a game. Foster has a good shot that is often a result of him driving into the lane or creating space with his handles. 

JD Ray 2019 Team Griffin Guard 

Ray showed off some impressive moves to find ways to score for Team Griffin. He drew attention after beating his man which allowed him to find his open teammates. Ray played unselfishly and helped his team to space the floor.  

Larry Holley 2020 Dallas Showtyme Guard

Holley had a swagger about his game. He was confident in his game and showed it on multiple occasions as he would do an effective move to create his own shot and then he would knock down the shot. He was fast and agile which helped him with getting open and executing his moves. Holley relies a lot on his handles to get his shot off. 

Derrick Tatum 2021 Amarillo Bulldawgs Guard

Tatum was an athlete. He was present on both ends of the court as he used his handles to draw attention to himself as he would find the open man. He played an unselfish game of penetrating and pass. He would attack the basket and either finish at the rim if it were there or pass it to the perimeter to one of his team’s shooters.

Kenny Springs 2018 Team Cougars Elite Guard

Springs is a nifty player who can take over games. He was dominant in the Cougars first game as he would put a little shake and bake on an opponent and then pull up. His handles allow him to create space but also allow him to drive into traffic and finish at the rim. Springs is an athlete who can take over games at times. He is good at all three levels and showed deep range from the perimeter.