Top Guards from UAA I in Duncanville


Posted On: 04/27/18 4:26 PM

The Under Armour Association kicked off their grassroots season at the Bobby Knight Fieldhouse in Duncanville, Texas. Teams from various parts of the country showcased their talent on the basketball floor. Many of the guards at UAA I displayed the ability to lead their team, score numerous baskets, or provide stellar defense during the three day event.

D’Maurian Williams / 6’5″ / 2019 / Powerhouse Hoops / CG

Williams is the fourth ranked player in Arizona’s 2019 class and he showed why on various occasions against Team Charlotte.  He puts pressure on defenders with his ability to use straight line drives and pick and rolls to get to the basket.  D’Maurian has a strong upper body and takes contact very well in his efforts driving to the hole.  He also showed ability to play various types of guards one-on-one in space.  Williams is a hard-nosed player who gives 100% at both ends.  Low major teams looking for someone with his driving capabilities and his ability to guard will be greatly pleased.

Jahein Spencer / 6’5″ / 2019 / Louisiana Elite / SG

Spencer displayed the ability to do more than just shoot during the weekend of action in Duncanville.  His jumper was off during the weekend but he did not let that stop his willingness to help his team.  He is a very capable rebounder for a two guard gathering five to ten rebounds in the four games played.  Spencer is also a tenacious defender.  On several occasions Jahein caused errant passes to be thrown and deflected others.  When he shoots the ball well, Jahein takes his play up another level.  Low major Division I teams will definitely be suitors for his services in 2019.

Chase Hunter / 6’3″ / 2019 / Atlanta Xpress / CG

Hunter showed his skills as a scorer and distributor during the UAA in Duncanville.  Even at 6’3″, he has a quick release and a deadly jumper from three land.  Playing off of him too much will result in him shooting, and making, his jump shot.  On the next possession he may come down and drive to the basket for the proper kick or drop off.  Hunter seems to have a good grasp of what is needed for his team on the offensive end.  On the defensive end, Hunter had multiple games of two or more steals.  Chase has a game that will make a team happy at the next level….Division I through III.

Jalen Cook / 6’0″ / 2020 / Louisiana Elite / CG

Louisiana’s number one guard in 2020 scored the ball at an exceptional level during UAA play.  His three point shooting was some of the best over the weekend from any team.  Jalen showed the ability to shot his jumper off screens, after breaking down his man one-on-one, or from pick and roll action using the step back.  He did not showcase much of his point guard ability due to playing off the ball most of the time and he did have some trouble with guards playing him aggressively.  However, the talent that has produced an offer from Georgetown and has garnered other high major interest was definitely on display.  Cook will be highly sought after when the new season rolls around.

RaQuan Brown / 6’4″ / 2019 / Team Charlotte / CG

Brown was another player during UAA play that displayed a smooth stroke from downtown.  His shooting ability was one of the reasons that Team Charlotte left Duncanville with an unblemished weekend.  Not only did Brown shoot the ball effectively, he was able to guard the perimeter and prevent his man from scoring.  Even though his team made it hard for teams to score all weekend, Brown played great on ball defense.  RaQuan, because of his play on both sides of the ball, will see an uptick in interest from mid and lower major schools during 2018 and 2019.

Andra McKee / 6’3″ / 2019 / Team Charlotte / CG

McKee was another Team Charlotte stalwart on defense.  He constantly made it hard for opposing guards to score against his constant ball pressure.  McKee also showed an ability to carry out the game plan of Coach (Jeff) McGinnis.  If there was a set that needed to be run and the ball to go to a particular player, McKee made it happen.  Andra also showed off a toughness to drive to the hole and take whatever contact came with it.  He forced defenses to collapse and made passing lanes available for the shooters on his team.  If his point guard play continues to progress in this manner, he will make a team happy on the next level.

Tra’michael Moton / 6’1″ / 2019 / Louisiana Elite / PG

Moton was the toughest cover for the guards on opposing teams all weekend.  His point guard skills were on full display during UAA I weekend.  Teams tried to chase him around screens failed.  There were attempts to trap him and he found the open man time and time again.  Moton showed a great ability to hit the three consistently and that created more trouble for defenses.  When he or his teammates caused turnovers, he was able to leak out and finish on the break or find the right trailer.  Moton was one of the two best point guards to play during the weekend.  There was a buzz about him not receiving offers during the weekend.  From the amount of coaches who viewed his game against other elite competition, those offers should start rolling in from high majors on down.

RJ Hampton / 6’5″ / 2019 / Mudiay Elite / PG

Anyone that saw RJ Hampton saw a potential star in the making.  Not only can he play the point guard with great effectiveness, he can score at all levels on the floor.  Hampton used his height and length to shoot over guards his height or smaller.  If he did not shoot over them, he drove past them with a quick first step.  RJ could finish at the hole or over people seemingly at his whim.  The guard above him in this publication was hard to stop; however, Hampton could not be guarded.  Because he can do so many things, he is not a pure point.  He is an elite talent though and high major teams will definitely be knocking at his door in Little Elm the next two years.