Top Glue Guys


Posted On: 04/15/18 1:22 PM

Top Glue Guys


Malik Patton — Colorado Hawks 17U

Malik is a player that you build around as he does everything that you could ask for and is an all effort guy. He stood out in Spring Kickoff and that should set the tone for the summer. He isn’t a player that’s asked to score often and doesn’t get the ball every possession, but he does all of the things you need from a player that keeps him on the court. He defends and rebounds well and many didn’t get to see him much this year as he sat out the season, so he will have plenty to prove for the summer



Jon’il Fugett — Billups Elite 17U

Seeing Jon’il on a new AAU team will come as a surprise to many, but he is a great fit with the team. He’s an unsigned senior that competed in the Spring Kickoff and took over his same role of hitting big shots, controlling the pace and also being one of the best perimeter defenders in the state. On the Billups elite team, he isn’t the primary scorer and plays more of a pure point guard role and in that role, I feel as if he’ll have more of an impact that schools will start to notice.


Jaylen Eikenberg — Colorado Cardinals 17U

Jaylen is a coach’s dream. He does everything you ask of him and with full effort. He fits the spot of a glue player because he is a player that you could literally place on any team and they won’t skip a beat.

On offense, he keeps the defense on their toes because he always makes the right play, even if it’s turning down a shot to make the smart pass, on defense, he refuses to get scored on and goes all out on each possession. That’s the type of player you ask for.


Elijah Knight — Colorado United Basketball Club 17U

Elijah won’t be your leader in any statistically category for the game but he will give you everything he has in every category each possession. He ends up being a perfect fit for this United team because he does it all. On defense he is up against the opposing team’s best player as he limits their touches for the game, he uses his body and is aggressive as he doesn’t make it easy. On offense, he is good shooter that gets it going from deep, but also can finish strong at the rim.


Isaiah Hayes — Colorado Miners 16U

Isaiah has been a bright spot for this Miners team this past weekend as his play is essential to the team’s success. He’s a versatile player that takes what the defense gets him, one game he’ll be shooting the ball well and is a player that teams run off the perimeter, the very next game it’s all baskets at the rim as he slices through the defense. His ability to adapt, opens things up and makes him a dangerous player.