Posted On: 04/7/18 4:07 PM

This list breaks down the players that are not afraid to do the dirty work or whatever it takes for their team to come out on top. The glue guys!

Kwane Marble 2020 Colorado Hawks Wing

Marble was excellent overall for the Colorado Hawks in his role. He played extremely hard on defense coming up with steals and deflections. The hustle and non-stop effort Marble displayed push his teammates to play harder. Marble did not try to do too much as some players do at times. As the game progressed Marble found success scoring driving to the rim with a killer layup package.

Cameron Bell 2019 Pro Skills OK Point Guard

Bell does such a great job running the Point with great balance and efficiency. He played good minutes helping his squad to get in great spots for open looks at the hoop. He also showed off his ability to score the rock. Bell is a player for small colleges to keep an eye on this summer with Pro Skills Oklahoma.

Mon’Tae Edmundson 2019 Game Changer Hoops Point Guard

Edmundson is the glue to Game Changer Hoops 17U squad running the show at the point. He spreads the ball extremely well helping his teammates to be set for success. He will be a good small college recruit in the Oklahoma 2019 Class.

Trey Cundiff 2020 918 Rockets Point Guard

Cundiff makes the Glue Guys list because of his unselfish play that led to great team success. He does a great job of setting guys up for open looks. When he has open looks Cundiff is also a sniper from the outside. He will be a small college 2020 prospect for colleges to take a look at over the next few years.

Chase James 2021 918 Rockets Wing

James brought his hard hat to the floor on Saturday. He brings great intensity to the floor playing tough defense, being active on the boards, and thriving in transition. What makes James a glue player is his drive to do all of the small things on the floor.

Blake Nowell 2020 Team Griffin Wing

Nowell is used as a utility man doing a little bit of everything at 6’4 on the Wing. He has a nice form jumper with sneaky athleticism. Nowell is best at doing the small things making the right plays to help his team on both ends of the floor.

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