Posted On: 04/23/18 1:59 PM

The top floor generals from the Southern Brawl ran their team very efficiently and effectively this weekend.

Lian Ramiro 2020 Colorado Hoops Point Guard

Ramiro was fantastic this weekend at the Point Guard spot dicing up defenses left and right. He is super fast with the ball in his hands, which allows him to create for others and himself. There was not anyone on Sunday when I saw him that could stick in front of him. Ramiro was best at getting past defenders and attacking the rim. He also has a nice finishing package in the paint.

Christian Williams 2019 Arkansas Team Will Point Guard

Williams was one of the best floor generals at the event this weekend. He has a great feel for the game. The quickness of Williams off the dribble gave opposing teams a tough time. He can score the ball well, but it his vision, passing, and defense that make him good. 

Trey Cundiff 2020 Rockets 918 Point Guard

Cundiff excels with the ball in his hands creating off the dribble. He has an excellent handle of the basketball with top-notch vision. Cundiff pushes the pace thriving in transition. He isn’t a huge scorer but does make opponents respect his shot-making ability with a killer mid-range pull up jumper. 

Jordan Alexander 2019 Ball 4 Life Point Guard 

Alexander did a great job of using his quickness to push the pace for great looks at the hoop for himself and teammates. He has a good feel for the game and does a good job of making smart plays with the basketball. He projects to the NAIA D2 to D3 level. 

Maliq Alford Colorado United Point Guard

Alford was a scoring machine for Colorado United this weekend. He got his points by creating openings with his quick dribble and then killed defenses with a pull-up. The scoring talents of Alford opened up things for his teammates. He projects to the small college level.

Stephon Hall 2018 OK Respect Point Guard

Hall was the steady hand at the Point Guard spot that he has been over his career. He is committed to USAO, but has not signed yet. What makes Hall one of the top Point Guards in the Oklahoma 2018 Class is the fact he can make high basketball IQ plays, score the rock, and gives effort on defense. He projects to the small college level.

Tristian Hines 2019 Ball 4 Life Point Guard 

Hines has a sick handle on the basketball, which allows him to create effectively for teammates. Off the bounce, he was able to find his teammates for good open looks at the basket. He was a gamer making big plays on offense for his squad. 


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