Top Defenders from the Route 66 Kickoff


Posted On: 04/7/18 4:10 PM

Devin White 2021 Guard Amarillo Bulldawgs

White is a versatile in your face type of defender. He forces a lot of turnovers on the defensive side of the ball because his hands are always working. He is the type of defender that goes for the risk in order to get the reward. He is not often regretting his risk though because he consistently can get steals. 

Shemar Smith 2019 Team Griffin Wing

Smith was the difference in the Team Griffin EYBL’s victory over the Colorado Hawks. When he switched players to lock down a player that got hot, he succeeded. He is tall and lengthy and forces players to shoot over him. He is also athletic so it is hard to get past him with the way he can move. 

Jacob Germany 2019 Team Griffin Post

Germany is just plain and simple a rim protector. When the offense attacks inside the lane he is affecting the shot in one way or another. He can get the block with his length and 6’10 frame or just affect the way a player takes the shot. He has quick feet in order to move around in the paint to help his teammates. This summer will be big for Germany, as he already holds 2 NCAA Division I offers. 

Joe Shaw 2021 Amarillo Bulldawgs Guard 

Shaw is on a team that values defense. They try to press a lot to force turnovers and he fits in well with his team. He has great vision and a high basketball IQ in order to intercept passes and create turnovers. Shaw always plays fast and hard is looking for ways to disrupt the offense. 

Bryce Griggs 2022 Team Harden 16U Guard

Griggs is just a gem. He is one of the most highly rated prospects in the 2022 Class and he has shown why this weekend. He has forced turnovers and locked down players throughout the weekend. He is bright on both sides of the ball and has shown it does not matter if he plays up a couple of divisions as he can still take over games. 

Graham Ike 2020 Colorado Hawks

Ike is a traditional type of rim protector. He is not a great athlete, but he has nailed the fundamentals. He does all the little things right and that combined with his size helps him guard the paint very well. He has a lot of length and uses it well to affect the opponent’s shots in one way or another. 

Antonio Gordon 2019 Oklahoma Wolfpack Forward

Gordon exploded onto the scene this year in Oklahoma High School basketball and his performances on the grassroots circuit has picked up right where he left off. He is a best down low being able to block shots, but he also has the athleticism to guard on the perimeter. He has a lot of length which helps him get his hands on passes and get big down low. Gordon is an exciting player to watch as he continues to develop at a high rate.