Posted On: 04/14/18 7:00 PM

The Prep Hoops Spring Kickoff is underway full tilt with teams fighting for the title. Check out what players stood out on defense!

Emmanuel Tshimanga 2019 Billups Elite Post 

He is a physical 6’8 Post that thrived off rejecting opponents in the paint. Most players seem to feed off of scoring, but he appeared to love defense just as much as offense maybe even more. Tshimanga has all of the tools to be a NCAA Division I player.

Majok Kuath 2019 Las Vegas Prospects Forward 

He was everywhere giving opposing coaches and players headaches with his constant activity on defense. There were times when they thought they had an open shot just to be blocked at the rim. He is super bouncy with springs that work at a moments notice. Kuath has the skill set to be a NCAA Division I Low Major player.

Devin Carter 2020 Colorado Hawks Wing 

Carter brings it on the defensive end putting non-stop pressure on opposing Guards. He was able to garner a lot of steals exploiting the passing lanes. The quick hands of Carter also helped him to poke steals away.

Chandler Marks 2020 SSA Elite Black Forward 

Marks was super active on the court for SSA Elite. He was best on defense protecting the rim down low in the paint. Marks is great at timing opposing players perfectly for big blocks. At 6’4 he is a small college prospect in the 2020 Class.

Tommy Rau 2020 Elevation Flyers Forward

Rau was a shot blocking machine on Saturday morning and afternoon. He has a big frame at 6’7 with good strength and surprising hops. Rau is great at blocking shots without fouling. Rau projects to the small college level.

Ladarius Mays 2020 Pluto Prospects Point Guard

Mays was super active on defense moving his feet very well. He has a good quickness about him that helps him to stay in front of his opponents. The constant motor of Mays is what pushes him into the top defender category. Mays projects to the small college level.

Antwon Jackson 2019 Las Vegas Prospects Post

He made his presence known with big-time blocks in the paint. Even when he was not able to block shots his mere strong physical presence altered opposing teams shots. Jackson projects to the Mid Major NCAA Division I level.

Dalen Ridgnal 2019 KC Spurs Forward 

Ridgnal was a beast defensively using his strong 6’7 frame to reek havoc on opponents. He blocked shots left and right with his high motor running full speed. If Ridgnal did not block the shot he at least altered it. The NCAA Division I program that lands Ridgnal.

Lök Wur 2019 PowerHouse Hoops Nebraska Forward 

Wur is a big-time athlete at 6’7 that falls into the tweener category. He could at some point play the 3, but right now excels playing a four on defense. Wur can get steals in the passing lanes and block shots around the rim. The versatility Wur has being able to switch with ease and guard Wings makes his talents very valuable.