Top 40 Tennessee Point Guards


Posted On: 04/5/18 9:34 PM

The Class of 2020 rankings are here!

Nearing the bottom of the top 100 are the 30th through the 40th best point guards of the class.

Half of the point guards at this level started as sophomores, but the other half served in the supporting casts.  Moments outside of varsity games provided glimpses of what the non-starters can be.

Of course this can all change and rankings are merely a flashpoint of speculation on who will do the most after high school.  Still, these players earned their current rankings with play on the court.

If you want to look at the complete 2020 rankings, smash here.

The following list reveals the top 40 point guards in the state alongside their statewide overall ranking.  The first player listed is the #31 point guards, and also the #74 overall player in Tennessee in 2020.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#74 Ty Hurst (Carter)

Carter’s scoring guard Ty Hurst put up double figures with regularity.  Point guard needs to be his future position, yet scoring guard fits him fine with the Hornet team.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#75 Kent Gilbert (CAK)

If he keeps busy in the weight room, Kent Gilbert could be a nice D3 option.  Also, Gilbert needs to force his way into a more prominent role.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#76 Reggie Neely (Briarcrest Christian) 

The dual-sport weapon of an athlete presents defenses with plenty of challenges.  If BCHS Head Coach Joey Harrington can keep both Neely and Omari Thomas from abandoning basketball in the next year or two, then their team will continue local dominance.  Look out for brave 2021 point guard Kennedy Chandler too.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#81 Peyton West (Monterey)

Monterey won 31 games, captured the District 6A Championship, and lost to State Champion Loretto in the Class A Final Four.  Peyton West proved to be a big part of the solution.  Facing a fabulous M.A.S.E. squad, Peyton scored 12 points (6-6 FT’s), four rebounds, two steals, and two assists.  His older brother, Tyrus West, Dalton Coleman, Cade Painter, and Michael Cody are all graduating next month.  Coach’s kid Peyton must take gigantic steps just to carry the burden left by that exceptional troop.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#84 Zoryn Harrington (Blackman)

Zoryn’s quickness on defense made a mark during Blackman practices.  Of course the only Tennessee team (Blackman) to arrive in the playoffs without a loss accomplished plenty without Harrington.  He made the top 100 by dashing around the floor in preseason competition.  Zoryn proved his potential during the preseason playdays.  Both the burst and handles provide a backbone of support for Harrington’s game.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#86 Will Pruitt (Mt. Juliet)

Mt. Juliet’s Will Pruitt can score from the wing.  He is a strong shooter and understands floor spacing.  Point guard will have to be his future position if college basketball is a goal.  Pruitt will find a more defined role during AAU season.

Gioppino Basketball clip art

#87 Jason Rhodes (LEAD Academy)

Standing 5-foot-3, Jason Rhodes lead his team many games in rebounds.  Steals and on-ball defense were staples in Rhodes’ game.

Gioppino Basketball clip art

#93 Tra Warren (Memphis University School)

Tra Warren is not tall.  The diminutive sparkplug makes his presence big though.  Warren can handle well.  Better handles and explosion will help him be a completely unguardable leader.

Gioppino Basketball clip art

#94 Jacquari Johnson (Blackman)

By defending Jacquari found more playing time than Zoryn this season.  Zoryn is the more natural point guard, but Jacquari is also very quick with the ball in his hands.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#95 Easton Eller (Dayspring Academy)

The 6-foot-2 Eller averaged approximately 15 ppg, 7 rpg this past season.  Point guard is certainly not his current position.  Outside of high school season, Eller would benefit from competing against faster guards.

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