Posted On: 04/10/18 10:01 AM

The Route 66 Kickoff was an outstanding event filled with competitive matchups and exciting talent.

Here are the top five things I noticed from this past weekend.

2019 guard Bryce Cook’s vision and professional passing ability 

At 5’6, you would think the YGC36 point guard  would have no business throwing cross court passes.

You would expect a large amount of turnovers from someone so small.

However, Cook was making passes that you see in the NBA.

He would use the ballscreen going left and sling an on point pass to a shooter in the weak side corner. You don’t see kids his age make those reads.

Drew Tennial of Team Griffin is going to have a breakout summer.

The 2019 wing played really well this past weekend. It didn’t matter who was in front of him.

The lefty found a way to get to his strong hand and get to the rim to draw a foul. No one could contain the 6’3 power wing.

I was more impressed with his defense and instincts. He is coached up during the school year and he carried that over to summer ball.

Tennial is a player on the rise this summer.

Oklahoma Impact 17U can really shoot the ball

YGC36 17U was the best team in the event but they had an interesting game with Oklahoma Impact.

Visually, you thought this was going to be another blowout win for the loaded squad out of Texas.

However, the Impact gave YGC36 one of their most competitive games of the weekend.

Physically, Impact had no chance but they relied heavily on their strength as outside shooters and it paid off.

Everytime you thought the Impact had nothing left they hit a couple shots from deep to keep the game competitive. They will be a fun squad to watch this summer.

2019 guard Peyton Roberson was really impressive. I knew he was good but I didn’t know he could create his own shot against quality athletes.

If he keeps this up, his stock will continue to rise.

2019 wing Jalen Wilson is the real deal as advertised 

Often times when you see a highly recruited prospect you see all the physical potential but there is a lack of production.

Wilson has the NBA prototype size at 6’8 but he also has the fundamental skills which sets him apart from most and has earned him offers from the Big XII, SEC, BIG 10, and others.

He was the best player in the entire event which was one of the reasons his team YGC36 won the championship.

He has a lot of basketball maturity which is important as the star and leader of his team.

Bright future ahead for that young man.

Which programs will have a breakout summer?

Last year, OnPoint Hoops and Oklahoma Power were the biggest surprises in the state on the aau level.

Filled with college prospects and loaded with chemistry, these two programs won a majority of local events.

Both became programs that college coaches had to follow from gym to gym.

It will be fun to see which dark horse programs will takeover this summer and put themselves on the map.