The Final 2018 Prospect Rankings


Posted On: 04/17/18 12:11 PM

We give you our top 300 final rankings for the Minnesota seniors.  There are 44 college basketball programs in Minnesota that need players so we give you a big list of them to consider.

Why 300?  Because there are WAY more colleges in Minnesota that play college basketball than anybody realizes.  In fact, with so many schools needing players every year, we are giving them a list of 300 Minnesota seniors because all 300 of these seniors (and likely more than this list) can play college basketball (if they don’t play a different sport).

D1: Minnesota is here of course but there are several others that recruit here every year like NDSU, UND, SDSU, USD, UNO, UNI, Drake, UWGB, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and so many others.

D2: The Northern Sun is a 16 team league with nine of those teams being in Minnesota, and 14 of those 16 teams recruiting Minnesota every year.

D3:  There are two division three leagues in Minnesota.  The MIAC not only has 11 teams from Minnesota, several of the teams also have JV teams that need players. Then you have the UMAC which is a nine team league and seven of those teams are from Minnesota plus the two other squads from Wisconsin also recruit Minnesota.

NAIA: There are no NAIA teams in Minnesota but the GPAC Conference (ten teams) and the NSAA (nine teams) all have several teams that recruit Minnesota and offer full scholarships.

Junior College:  Minnesota only has D3 junior colleges but there are 16 of them that play basketball here and every one of them have to refill about half of their roster every year.  Then you have Illinois, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa that all have junior colleges that recruit here.

So yes, there are a lot of teams that need players from Minnesota.


Minnesota 2018 Rankings