The Basketball Interview: Daniel Deaver


Posted On: 04/14/18 11:00 AM

Marshall High School 2019 post prospect Daniel Deaver looks like he will be a very important player for 17U Nova Cavaliers this spring and summer. After Thursday night’s scrimmage vs. the NOVA Cavaliers, he talked to Prep Hoops for The Basketball Interview.

You guys had a great season at Marshall. Just talk about your role and how it has expanded over the last 12 months. 

DD: Well I started by coming off the bench for Jack (Foley) and Jordan (James) when I was a sophomore, but I knew when I was entering my junior year I was going to have more of a role in the offense.  I’ve kind of worked hard and learned to embrace that to take on a larger role for the team. We had a great year. Of course it ended in heartbreak with that loss to Battlefield. But we definitely made history for Marshall and we had a great time. That was probably my favorite season of playing organized basketball.

What is your role this year in the AAU season?

DD: There’s a lot of great players on this team. I definitely look to pass a lot more. There’s going to be a lot of open guys that can hit shots. We’re getting back into the flow of things, getting more chemistry. In a couple months we will definitely be a well oiled machine.

What’s the most improved part of your game?

DD: Most improved this year is probably my passing. I’ve watched a lot of basketball, and studied a lot of player movements.

Who do you watch?

DD: Nikola Jokic for passing. Joel Embiid for post moves. LeBron definitely for post passing. He’s really good in the high post. I love watching them cause they know where everyone is on the court at all times.

What specifically about each player have you picked up to add to your game?

DD: From Embiid and Olajuwon, I focus on post moves and the way they use only one or two dribbles to get to the basket and get a high percentage shot every time. Jokic, I definitely look at the way that he holds the ball in the high post and sees the entire floor. He seems to make the right decision almost every time. With LeBron, I focus on everything with his game. But especially when he gets the ball on the wing how he is always surveying the floor even when he takes it off the dribble.

What are your grades like right now?

DD: I have almost all A’s. 4.2 GPA. 1530 on the SAT.

Do you know what you want to study yet?

DD: I like working with numbers. So math, engineering, something like that.

Who’s recruiting you the hardest?

DD: I’m definitely talking to Merchant Marine Academy a lot. Coppin State gave me an offer during the season. I’ve talked to the Assistant Coach from West Point. CNU, Randolph Macon. Asbury University in Kentucky, a D2 school. I mainly talk to Merchant Marine and CNU.

What can you bring to a college program?

DD: I’ll fill whatever role a coach wants of me.