The Basketball Interview: Ayan Teel


Posted On: 04/5/18 10:41 AM

O’Connell guard Ayan Teel emerged as a key contributor for a very strong Knights team this season. The junior, who will run with New World this spring, talked to Prep Hoops for The Basketball Interview.

What is your favorite part or parts about game days in terms of the routine leading up to the game?

AT: My favorite part about game days is warming up/stretching listening to music through my headphones.

What is your most memorable game or play from your basketball career? (Good or bad)

AT: My most memorable moment in my basketball career is hitting the game winning shot at the buzzer vs. DeMatha to move on to the championship.

Who is the toughest player that you’ve ever faced in an organized setting (HS or AAU)?

AT: Toughest player I’ve faced is probably myself.

NBA. Who’s your team?

AT: Cavaliers.

What are your current go-to sneakers to hoop in?

AT: Current go-to sneakers are the (WTK 7’s).

Favorite pregame warmup song right now?

AT: Day and Night Pt. 3 by Xanman.

Who is your favorite basketball player in the world and why?

AT: LeBron James because of his work ethic and humility.

All hoopers love gear. What’s your favorite brand to wear?

AT: My favorite brand to wear is Adidas, just because it’s the most versatile.

What is your favorite venue that you’ve ever hooped in?

AT: My favorite venue to hoop in is the Bowie City Gymnasium.

What court that you’ve never played on would you dream of playing on?

AT: A court I’ve never played on that I dream of playing on one day is any NBA court.

Best coaching advice you’ve received is what and who was it from?

AT: Best coaching advice I’ve ever received is “play your game” – Evin Ellison