Posted On: 04/9/18 2:55 PM

2021 PG, Anthony “AJ” Williams, led his Varina Blue Devils to a 5A State Championship this past season. We sat down with AJ prior to his state championship win, and will now take a look at his thoughts before and now, heading into the AAU season, where he will run with Team Loaded VA 15U. AJ was also featured on our, “Freshman Frenzy: Five Freshman You Should Know” piece that dropped earlier this week.

  • How does it feel to be a freshman, and leading your team to a state championship berth, and eventual win?
    “It’s a great feeling being a freshman, and accomplishing the goals that we set for ourselves this year, not too many freshman can say they made it to a state tournament, even fewer can say they won a championship.”
  • What aspects of your game have changed going from middle school ball, directly into a starting varsity position, and now, being the leader of what can possibly be one of the best AAU squads on the Adidas Gauntlet this summer?
    “My entire game has improved in all aspects. I can shoot a lot more efficiently, dribble more under control, and pass with better accuracy. As I continue to evolve, so does my game.”
  • Your name is beginning to get a lot of buzz, the only freshman to make an All State team in 5A, how does that feel?
    “It’s crazy being a freshman with a lot of attention on me already. But I don’t really worry about it, I just go out and play the sport I love.” 
  • What were your goals for this high school season?
    “To win a state championship. And to just continue to get better at my craft.”
  • With AAU literally right around the corner, and a new squad for you, Team Loaded VA 15U. what are you most excited about this summer?
    “Traveling all around the world, and getting recognized by college coaches.”
  • Recruiting wise, what schools have been in contact?
    “VCU, ODU, Ohio State, & Oklahoma St have all shown interest, and been in contact.” 
  • What NBA player are you most fond of and why?
    “Right now, Steph Curry. Because of his work ethic and the way he plays the game, it mirrors my game in a lot of ways.” 

We look forward to AJ leading his new, Team Loaded VA 15U squad this summer, and his quest for another state championship a little later in the year.