The Basketball Interview: Ian Anderson


Posted On: 04/13/18 11:14 AM

Potomac Falls forward Ian Anderson looks like he will be a key contributor for LBA Attack this spring and summer. After last night’s scrimmage vs. the NOVA Cavaliers, he talked to Prep Hoops for The Basketball Interview.

For those that haven’t seen you play, how would you describe your game?

IA: I would describe myself as a playmaker. I make the plays that are necessary. Don’t try to do too much most of the time. Whether it’s passing, rebounding, or scoring. I just try to put my mark on the game in any way I can.

Are there any aspects of your game that you would consider underrated?

IA: I’d say my ability to take people off the dribble. Because people sometimes view me as just a back to the basket kind of guy, but I can step out and take people off the dribble.

What would you say is the most improved part of your game?

IA: I’d probably say my ability to play above the rim. My vertical went up about 5 inches over the summer. So I think that’s another underrated part of my game.

What’d you do in order to improve that?

IA: I started working with this trainer, and he was just working with me on more explosive stuff. Trying to be as explosive as possible.

Who’s your trainer?

IA: James Walker at AE in Ashburn.

How long have you been training with him?

IA: Since last fall I’m pretty sure.

Besides your athleticism, what else are you working on?

IA: My free throws. I’m working on my free throws. This year I was pretty up and down on my free throws, but I worked towards the end of the season to try to become more consistent.

How are you doing that? You just taking extra reps?

IA: Yeah. Just taking extra reps. Not trying to rush anything and jus tmaking my shot more fluid.

What do you think was your biggest reason for your struggles from the free throw line?

IA: I would separate my shot into two movements. I’d go up, at the top of my shot I’d pause, and then I’d follow through. So I was just working on making it more fluid in one motion.

What’s your favorite gym that you’ve ever played at? Considering all aspects.

IA: I wanna say home court advantage. Potomac falls. It’s always a great place to play. The atmosphere is great. One of my favorite games that I’ve played in though is either at Wakefield or John Champe in the conference championship games. Those atmospheres are great.

What’s a gym that you want to play at that you haven’t played at yet?

IA: LC Bird. Because we played them twice in the state quarterfinals. My freshman year and my sophomore year. Even playing at VCU and Hampton; their fans traveled really well. And I’ve seen videos of their crowd. It just seems like a great atmosphere to play in.

Who’s recruiting you right now?

IA: I’ve got interest from a couple places like Holy Cross, and Princeton. Then a couple D3 schools like York College in Pennsylvania and CNU.

Rank those schools in order of interest. Which schools would you say are after you the hardest?

IA: York. Definitely. I was just up there on Monday for a visit. CNU. Holy Cross, and Carnegie Mellon. I forgot to mention them.

How are your grades?

IA: I have a 3.88 Cumulative GPA.

Do you know what you want to study?

IA: Either major in marketing and minor in advertising. Or major in biology.

What can you bring to a college program?

IA: I feel like I can bring energy and leadership. Every time I step on the court I try to give it my all. Just try to put as much into the game as I possibly can.

What’s your height and weight?

IA: 6’6, 205.


IA: 6’10.

One more question. You’re playing on LBA attack with your HS Coach Jeff Hawes. What’s the biggest influence he’s had on you?

IA: Well I’ve been playing with him and against him since fourth grade. So I think we’ve devloped a really nice relationship. Where he’s kind of like a third parent to me. I can go to him for whatever I need. And playing with him year round is good because I don’t get two different views from two different coaches. He gets to work with me year round its pretty much the same system as we play for high school so there’s not much of like a transition phase.

Ian Anderson is ranked by Prep Hoops as a top-75 prospect in his class. To view the full ranking of Virginia’s 2019 class, click here.