Posted On: 04/27/18 11:21 AM

Ten Underclassmen from Spartanburg Phenom

Five Prospects from 2020

Three 2020 Bigs

Javarzia Belton, 6-10 225, C, 2020, Westridge Academy, Kernersville, NC
The SC native is beginning to come around. He a physical specimen to behold, with strength & length. He’s becoming a force on the boards & he’s learning to power it & off the glasses inside – shedding defenders in the process.
Team United 16U EYBL

Beau Maye, 6-9 220, C, 2020, Hough HS, Huntersville, NC
This young man has shown immense improvement in the last 8 months. His body is better toned, plus he’s running and moving much better in general.
He’s a well taught defender & he talks on defense like few high school players do.
Offensively, he’s working on a couple of go-to moves in the post, he shoots it pretty well from the high post and he’s a really good passer.
PSB Elite Hairston 16U

CJ Huntley, 6-9 220, PF, 2020, Davidson Day, Davidson, NC
Improved impressively in the past 8-10 months. He’s gone from a stiff, to an agile and fluid player, who attacks the basket from the mid to high post. He needs strength to finish more effectively, but is much more aggressive than before.
He’s jumping well & hitting the boards, more aggressively.
With strength & continued work, this young can be really good.
PSB Elite Hairston 16U

Two Wings from 2020

Jackson Threadgil, 6-6 180, 2G, 2020, Davidson Day, Davidson, NC
This young man is very skilled and he moves well. He handles and passes well, plus he’s a very good shooter to the arc.
PSB Elite Hairston 16U

Chase Mebane, 6-5 180, SF, 2020, River Mill Charter, Burlington, NC
He’s a strong and athletic wing, who drives with strength and a solid shooter from mid-range. He also hits the boards well for his position and he’s an aggressive defender.

Two Intriguing Prospects from 2021

John Butler, 7-0 180, C/BF, 2021, Christchurch School, VA, Simpsonville, SC
Skilled rejector. Very agile, but he needs to develop offensive skills to, obviously, get stronger.
Team United 15U EYBL

Breon Pass, 5-10 170, 1G, 2021, Reidsville HS, Reidsville, NC
Superb ball-handler, who penetrates really well and who also excels in pushing the rock in transition. He’s a solid shooter to the arc and he utilizes excellent quickness to harass defensively.
CP3 15U



Justin Taylor, 6-2 170, G, 2022, Ridge Road MS, Charlotte, NC
Very quick combo guard, with handles & a solid mid-range stroke. Very good defensively.
Team United 15U EYBL

Nikolas Graves, 5–10 160, 1G, 2022, Durham Academy, Durham, NC
This young lefty can really handle, he’s a lights out shooter, plus he’s cool as a cucumber and smart as whip.
Team Felton 15U

Michael Zanoni, 6-1 170, 2G, 2022, Providence Day, Charlotte, NC
Pure shooter, who knows how to move without the ball and who runs well.
EA Sports 17U