Team Rankings: 17u, 16u & 15u Update


Posted On: 04/16/18 1:16 PM

Minnesota has four events scheduled over the weekend but the weather cancelled one event completely and cut two more very short.  NHR was able to make some record adjustments and move a couple things around including adding the Comets Regional 15s who won the West Central United event.


RankTeamRecordMN Wins of NoteMN Losses of NoteLast Week
1D1 Minnesota13-1Fury Wilde, Comets Lewis, Fury K, Heat Ismail, Heat Nelson, OSA Crusaders (+15)1
2Grassroots Sizzle UAA7-6Mac Irvin (-2)3
3Howard Pulley6-7Mac Irvin (-6), OSA Crusaders (-7)2
4Fury Wilde13-3Comets K, SE Mn Lightning, D1 MN Prospects, Fury K, LightningD1 Minnesota4
5Comets Lewis9-3Crossfire BelleD1 Minnesota5
6Comets K7-4WOTN Swed, 44 Elite, D1 Rise, SW MN StarsFury Wilde, Crossfire B7
7WOTN 8-4Heat Walli, Heat Mac, D1 MN ProspectsComets K9
8SE MN Lightning7-3Playmakers Deadrick, D1 RiseFury Wilde (x2)17
944 Elite7-5Playmakers Roe, Heat MacComets K8
10Heat Henderson8-4Select Ellis (x2), Mentality MN, 43 Hoops, Crossfire Belle,Crossfire Belle15
11Crossfire Belle9-4Select Leaf, Heat Henderson, Fury Kaupa, Comets K, D1 RiseComets Elite, Heat Henderson6
12Fury Kaupa7-5Magic, Heat Nelson, RIP City, MentalityCrossfire Belle, D1 MN, Fury Wilde12
13Heat Nelson8-4Select Ellis, Select LeafD1 Minnesota, Fury K13
14Twin Cities Pirates5-411
15Heat MacDonald8-5Comets DLR44 Elite, WOTN Swed10
16Select Leafbald6-6Mentality MNCrossfire Belle, Heat Nelson16
17D1 MN Prospects7-5Playmakers Deadrick, Comets DLRFury Wilde, WOTN Swed14
18Mentality Minnesota10-5Comets D, Heat Ismail, WOTNch (x2), Heat WalljSelect Leaf, Heat Henderson, Fury K20
19Comets DLR5-7Rip CityHeat Mac, D1 MN Prospects19
20Heat Wallj9-6Playmakers Roe, N Lakers, D1 Rise, RIP City, WOTN Swed, RIP City, WC Wildcats, MentalityNR
21Rip City8-5Playmakers Deadrick, Heat Wallj, UV Tate, Select EllisComets DLR, D1 Mn Rise, Heat Wallj, Fury K21
22D1 Mn Rise7-6Rip City, Select BSE Mn Lightning, Crossfire Belle, Comets K, Heat Wallj18
23Select Ellis7-6Heat Ismail, Comets D, TC FinestHeat Henderson (x2), Heat Nelson, Rip City22
24SW MN Stars3-1Comets K23
25UVA Tate6-6WC WildcatsRip CityNR
Others: Twin Cities Finest5-6Heat Ismail, N Lakers, EITISelect Ellis (x2)
WOTNch4-6WC United, MagicComets Lewis, Mentality (x2)
Comets Dusharm8-8Crossfire P, WC United, E1T1Heat Moberg 16s, Select Ellis, Mentality MN,
WC United6-9Suns, Heat IsmailComets D, WOTNch, Select B, Comets Lil 16s
Heat Ismail9-7Suns (x2), MagicD1MN, Select Ellis, Mentality, TC Finest, N Lakers, WC United
West Central Wildcats4-4Heat Wallj, UVA StanUVA Tate, Comets Lewis, Select Leaf
Crossfire P4-4SE Lightning, Comets D
E1T12-2Select BrownTC Finest, Comets D
Select Brown6-6Comets Regional, WC UnitedRise, Crossfire P, E1T1, N Lakers, Grassroots B
MN Magic Elite3-9Fury K, Heat Ismail, WOTNch
43 Hoops1-4Team Get Shook, Heat Henderson
MN Phenom0-5
Northern Lakers3-2Heat Ismail, Select BrownHeat Wallj, TC Finest,



RankTeamRecordMN Wins of NoteMN Losses of NoteLast Week
1D1 Minnesota32-61
2Fury Zurn40-6Comets Elite (x3), WOTN Davis (x2), Heat Moberg (x2), Select Koch, SW Stars, Select Cave 2
3Comets Elite 33-15Select O, WC United, Fury Kline, Select Cave, WOTN Davis, Heat West, SW StarsFury Zurn (x3), SW MN Stars, WOTN, Heat Moberg3
4Fury Kline39-10Magic, Heat A, Get Shook, WC United, Grassroots Ew, Gain Elite, SE Lightning, Finest, Select Koch, FAB, Select Cave, N Lakers, SW Stars, Matrix, Comets P, Heat WestComets Elite4
5WOTN Davis33-10Comets JL (x2), Crossfire P, Heat Presbi, D1 MN 15s, Select Cave (x3), SW Stars (x2), Rise, MatrixFury Zurn (x2), Heat Moberg, Comets Elite, Fury K (-5)6
6Gain Elite31-11RIP City, Pulley 2 17s (x2), PhenomFury Kline (-1)5
7Howard Pulley20-11Phenom, Mpls FAB, Grassroots Ewald, Suns, Get Shook7
8Team Get Shook34-17Rip City (x2), MN Matrix, 43 Hoops 17s, Suns, Mpls FAB, Grassroots EwaldFury Kline, Howard Pulley, Mpls FAB8
9MN Matrix24-9Heat West, Grassroots Sizzle (x2), Heat Presbi, WOTN Renta, Comets Lil, Rise, Select Cave, TC Finest (x2), Fury K, Select OGet Shook, D1 MN 15s, WOTN Davis9
10MPLS Fab31-14Magic, TC Finest, WC United, Suns, Crossfire F, Heat Moberg, Pulley 15s, Get Shook, PhenomPhenom (x2), Howard Pulley, Get Shook, Fury K10
11Heat Moberg39-16WOTN, Comets Elite, Select Cave, Rise, LightningSch, WC United, Comets D 17s, Comets JLil, SW MN Stars, BulldogsFury Zurn (x2), TC Finest, Select Cave, FAB, Select Koch11
12Select Cave22-25Heat A, Select Koch, Heat Moberg, Lace Up, SW Stars, Crossfire P (x2), Rise, E1T1Heat Presbi, Comets Elite, WOTN (x2), Fury Z, SW Stars, Heat Moberg, Fury Kline, Matrix.12
13Select Koch28-15Rip City, Comets Lil (x3), TC Finest, Heat Presbi, Select O, Crossfire F, Crossfire P (x2), SW Stars, Heat Moberg, N Lakers, Heat West, E1T1, WOTN JD1MN 15s, WC United, Select Cave, Comets Lil, Heat Speer, Fury Z, WOTN Jonas, Heat West, Fury K, Magic Pre,Heat Pres13
14Heat West29-15Grassroots Ewald, Comets Lilj (x2), WOTN R, WOTN J, Select Koch, Select O, Lightning, TC Finest (x2), WC United, Crossfire F (x4), Comets PMatrix, Comets Elite (x2), WC United, Playmakers Sch, Crossfire P, (x2) D1mn15, Lace Up, Select Koch, Fury K19
15SW MN Stars16-17Playmakers Sch, Comets Elite, Select Cave, Suns, Heat Pres, Comets D, Crossfire FHeat Moberg, WOTN (X2), Fury Zurn, Select Koch, Select Cave, Comets Elite, Fury K14
16Minnesota Phenom19-14Sizzle Ewald, Mpls FAB (x2)Howard Pulley, Mpls FAB, Gain Elite15
17MN Lace Up17-9Grassroots Jett, Comets P, Heat Presbi (x2), Lightning, GR Ewald, Heat West, WC United 17sSelect O, Heat Moberg, RIP City, Select Cave, Pharaohs 17u16
18Northern Lakers13-8D1 Rise, Heat Ismail 17s, Select Brown 17s, Playmakers Sch, RIP City, Lightning, Comets P, E1T1Heat Presbi, D1 MN 15s, Heat Wally 17s, TC Finest 17s, Suns, Fury K, Select Koch17
19Playmakers Schneidermann20-12WC United, D1 Rise, Heat West, Crossfire Ped, E1T1 17s, Select Brown 17s, Select Leafblad 17s, Magic EliteSW Mn Stars, Northern Lakers, Crossfire Ped, TC Finest, Select Ellis 17s (x2), Comets D 17s, SW Stars 17s, WC United Select 16s,18
20Comets Liljequist25-23Grassroots Ewald, SE Lightning Swig, WC United 17s, WC United, Lightning Schw, TC Finest, Select Koch, Select O (x2), RIP City, Heat Presbi, TC Finest, WOTN Jonas, RiseWOTN Davis, Crossfire P (x2), Heat Moberg, Select O, Select Koch (x3), Matrix, Heat West (x2), WOTN J, Rise, Suns, Grassroots E, Heat West, Fury K20
21D1MN Rise21-18Crossfire F, Comets P (x3), Heat Speer, Lightning Swig, WC United, TC Finest, Comets Lilj, Heat HNorthern Lakers, Playmakers Sch, Matrix, TC Finest, Heat Moberg, Crossfire F, WOTN D, Select Cave, D1 15s, Comets Lilj21
22Magic Elite23-12Heat A, Comets P, Rip CIty, Select Koch, Heat PresFury Kline (x2), Crossfire P, Select O, Lightning Sch, Mpls FAB, Lightning 2, Playmakers Schn22
23Select Okafor24-18Crossfire F (x3), Rip City. Lace Up, Magic, Comets Lil, Crossfire P (x3), WOTN JonasComets P, Comets Elite, SE MN Lightning Sch (x2), Crossfire F (x2), Select Koch, Comets Lil (x2), TC Finest, MatrixNR
24Heat Presbi17-18Select Cave, Northern Lakers, Bulldogs, Suns, Crossfire P, Select KochWOTN Davis, Matrix, Select Koch, Lace Up (x2), SW Stars, Comets Lilj23
25SE MN Lightning Sch12-12Select O (x2), Heat G, MN Magic, TC FinestComets Elite, Heat Moberg, Comets Lil, Heat Coker, Fury Kline, Lace Up, N Lakers24
OthersCrossfire Pederson17-16Comets Lilj (x2), Magic Elite, Playmakers Sch, WOTN Jonas (x2), E1T1, Heat West (x2), Crossfire F, Grassroots E, SunsWOTN Davis, Playmakers Sch, Select O, Select Koch (x2), Select Cave (x2), Heat Pres,
Grassroots Ewald17-19Suns, 43 Hoops, Comets LiljMatrix, Fury Kline, Lace Up, Phenom, Pulley, Get Shook, Crossfire P, Lace Up
TC Finest17-16Heat Speer (x2), Heat Moberg, Playmakers Sch, Heat Ankrah, Rise, E1T1, Select OSelect Koch, Comets Lil (x2), MPLS Fab, Lightning, Fury K, Heat West (x2), Rise, Matrix (x2)
WOTN Jonas17-14Heat A, Suns, Select K, Crossfire F (x2), Comets Lil, E1T!MN Flight, Crossfire P (x2), Heat West, Comets Lilj, Select O
MN Suns16-15Comets P, N Lakers, Comets LiljCorssfire P, Mentality 17s, WOTNch 17s, Heat Presbi (x2), Grassroots, Get Shook, FAB, Pulley, SW Stars
Crossfire Forbish12-20Rise, Select O (x2), Comets LiljD1 Rise, Select O (x3), WOTN J (x2), Select Koch, Crossfire P, D1 MN 15s, FAB, Heat West (x4), SW Stars
WC United15-21Select Koch, Heat West, Comets D 17s, Comets P, Heat Speer, Rip CityD1MN 15s, Comets Elite, Comets D 17s, Heat Moberg, Comets JL, Fury Kline, Playmakers Sch, MPLS Fab, Rise, Heat West
Comets Petermeir15-21Select OkaforD1MN Rise (x3), Suns, Magic, Lace Up, Grassroots Jett, WC United, SW Stars, Select O, N Lakers, Heat West, Fury K, Select O
Rip City12-16Grassroots Jett, Lace UpMagic, Select O, MN Nice, Heat Ankrah (x2), Gain Elite, Comets Lilj, N Lakers, WC United, Team Get Shook
Heat Ankrah9-20RIP City (x2), E1T1Fury K, Magic, Select Cave, E1T1, Suns, TC Finest, FAB, Select O, WC United



RankTeamRecordMinnesota Wins of NoteMinnesota Losses of NotePrevious Week
1D1 Minnesota21-12Select Koch 16s, WC United 16s,N Lakers 16s, SE Lightning (+12), Matrix 16s, Heat Coker 16s, Crossfire F 16s, Rise 16sWOTN 16s1
2Gain Elite27-11WC United Select, Crossfire Stone, WOTN Erickson, Crossfire B2
3Select Ohnstad35-9WCU Select (x2), Get Shook, Heat Tauer, SW Stars (x2), WOTN E (x3), Comets Elite, Fury P, OSA Crusaders (+10), SW Stars, Crossfire B, Heat WileyHeat Tauer, OSA Crusaders (-14)3
4Heat Tauer36-10Crossfire B, Select O, WOTN E (x2), WC United, Heat Pahl, Fury P, SW Stars, Comets Elite (x2), OSA Crusaders (+5), Fury S, Select Rush, PhenomSelect O, OSA Crusaders (-10), Magic Hannah4
5Howard Pulley 29-10Comets Thuok, Heat Immiger, Heat T, D1MN14s (x2), SE Lightning S (+16), Hustle Hard, Suns, Team Tyus 14s, Pulley 14s, Team Get Shook, Gain Elite 14s, Top DawgsOSA Crusaders (-24), FAB 16s, Top Dawgs5
6Crossfire Bertsch40-8Lightning (x2), Suns, Comets Elite, Fury P (x3), SW MN Stars, Heat P, WC U Select, Crossfire Stone, Heat Tietz, Tyus 14s, Sizzle, Pulley MaxeyHeat Tauer, WC United Select, Game Elite, Select O6
7Magic Hannah29-6Heat Tauer, Phenom, Heat Tietz, Comets T, Fury S, Rise, FuryGrassroots Jett, D1MN14s, Team Tyus 14s10
8Comets Servaty29-13Heat W, Fury S (x2), SW Stars, WOTN, Fury P, Heat Tietz, Heat JCrossfire B, Fury P (x2), Heat T (x2), Comets O7
9WC United Select29-6Lace Up, D1MNp (x2), Crossfire B, Fury P, TC Pirates, Fury S, Grassroots Jett, Select Rush, Heat J, Playmakers Schn 16sSelect O (x2), Heat Tauer, Crossfire B, Gain Elite8
10Fury Poppen31-15Crossfire Stone, SW MN Stars (x2), Lace Up, Grassroots Jett, Comets Elite (x2), WOTN (x2)Crossfire B (x2), WC United, Heat Tauer (x2), Select O, Comets Elite, Crossfire B9
11SE MN Lightning Studer32-9Suns, Heat Johnson (x3), Comets Regional, Select Rush, Select Reese, Pulley Maxey, Knights, Lace Up, PhenonCrossfire B (x2), Howard Pulley, D1 Minnesota, TC Pirates11
12Howard Pulley Maxey26-14Select Reese, Fury Syverson, Phenom, Get Shook (x2)Lightning S, Gain Elite 14s, Crossfire B12
13Grassroots Jett22-15Comets P 16s, Heat Johnson, Magic Hannah, MNd1p (x2), Pirates, WC United 2, WOTN E, Select RushLace Up 16s, Rip City 16s, Fury P, WC Select, Team Tyus 14s, Heat Tauer, Crossfire B, Gain Elite 14s13
14WOTN Erickson23-22Lightning E, D1MNp, SW Stars, Heat Wiley, Lace Up, Comets Regional B, Rise, Heat JohnsonHeat Tauer (x2), Select O (x3), Fury P (x2), Comets Elite, Gain Elite, Sizzle14
15Fury Syverson22-16WC Cats, Heat B (x2), Comets Regional, Select Rush (x2), Knights, Rise, Hustle Hard, Crossfire StoneD1MNp, Comets Elite, Pulley Maxey, WC Select, Heat Tietz, Heat Tauer, Magic Hannah, Select Rush, Comets Elite15
16D1 MN Prospects21-22Fury S, WC Cats, Heat Johnson, Heat Tietz, Rise, Hustle Hard (x2), Heat WileyWOTN Erickson, WC United Select (x2), Sizzle (x2), Heat Johnson (x2), Team Tyus 14s, Phenom16
17Heat Wiley20-12Lace Up, Heat Inniger, Comets T(x2), Lace Up, Select RushComets Elite, Get Shook, D1MN14s, WOTN, SW Stars, Pirates, Select O, D1mnP17
18Select Rush24-13WCUnited Regional, Comets Regional 1,Heat J, Pirates, Stars (X2), Fury SHustle Hard. Lightning, Fury S (x2), Knights, Heat Tauer, WC United Select, Heat W, Grassroots18
19Team Get Shook15-21Heat B, Comets T, Heat W, Pulley 14s, Suns, PhenomSelect O, Team Tyus 14s, Howard Pulley, Rip City 16s, Pulley Maxey (x2)19
20Comets Thuok25-18WC Wildcats, Lace Up, Comets StoneGet Shook, Heat B, Howard Pulley, Heat Inniger, Heat Wiley(x2), Crossfire B, Fury S, Grassroots, Magic Hannah20
Others:Minnesota Knights17-12Select RushSE Lightning St, Fury S
Heat Titz15-17Nice, Heat I, Rise, UVA, Fury S, Hustle Hard, Howard Pulley, D1MN14s, Lace Up, D1mnp, Crossfire B, Magic Hannah, Hustle Hard, Gain Elite 14s, Fury S, Comets Elite
SW Mn Stars11-20Heat Wiley, Comets Regional !Crossfire B, Fury P (x2), Select O (x2), Comets Elite, Heat T, WOTN E, Select R (x2)
Heat Johnson15-21Lightning St (x2), Select R, D1 MNp (x2), Crossfire Stone, MagicCrossfire Stone, D1mnP, Sizzle, Crossfire Studer, WC United S, Select Rush, Lightning, Comets S
Crossfire Stone17-15Heat B, Heat JohnsonFury P, Heat J, Select Rush, Gain Elite, Crossfire B, Fury S, Comets Thuok,
MN Phenom8-14Heat B, D1mnPPirates, Pulley Maxey, Heat Tauer, Lightning ,Magic H, Get Shook, Gain Elite (14s)
Heat Bohrer10-22Comets T, Mpls FAB, Lace Up, Hustle HardGet Shook, Fury S (x2), Crossfire Stone, Phenom, Comets T, Crossfire B, WOTN, Sizzle
Comets Regional Blue12-11WC United, Heat Rantilla. Lightning SpencerFury S, Select Reese, Select Rush, Magic, WOTN E
Heat Inniger12-15Comets Thuo, WC United RHoward Pulley, Heat Wiley, MN Nice, Heat Titz, Select Reese
Hustle Hard8-19Select Reese, Select Rush, Heat TietzMagic Nike, D1 MN, D!mnP, Pulley, Suns, Team Tyus 14s, Fury S, Heat Tietz, Heat B, D1mnP, Gain Elite 14s
Lace Up7-20Select Reese, Heat TUnited Select, Select Ohnstad, Heat Wiley (x2), Comets Thuok, Fury P, Heat B, Rise, Lightning, WOTN
WC United Regional6-20Suns, Acceleration, Heat RantillaSelect Rush, Heat I