Team Felton 15U Preview

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 04/2/18 11:57 AM

Team Felton 15U Roster Breakdown 
Jaden Ellis 5’11 PG, point guard with a solid handle that is effective in transition. Distributes the ball with precision but can create for himself as well.
Cynciir “Ty” Lyles 6’0 SG, scoring guard with a strong frame that has unlimited range. Takes and makes 3s consistently. Shifty with the basketball and has variety of finishes at the rim. Scores the ball in bunches. 3 level scorer
Kamell Smith 6’3 Wing, athletic wing that has the ability to guard multiple positions. Extremely active on both ends and plays with a high motor. Attacks the rim well and finishes above the rim. Rebounds the ball well and has a relentless 2nd and 3rd effort
Nikolas Graves 5’9 PG, smooth left handed point guard that has a great feel for the game. Possesses a high IQ. Crafty with the dribble and maneuvers well in tight spots. Highly effective from 3 and knows how to get everyone involved
Jashaun Hawkins 6’2 Wing, freakish athletic wing that thrives in transition. Guards multiple positions. Attacks and finishes above the rim
Walker Andrews 5’10 SG, Excellent shooter that has improved on putting the ball on the floor. Dangerous in transition, broken plays and drive and kick situations
Jaden Brown 5’10, PG/SG, hard-nosed guard that causes problem on the defensive with his pressure. Has a knack for finding the right people at the right time
Levar Strange 6’0 Wing, very strong wing that is an excellent rebounder for his size. Attacks the basket with force and finishes with contacts. Can guard 3-4 positions
Thomas Markun 6’6 PF, big man with the ability to stretch the floor. Alters shots at the rim on defense and has made strides in the low post
Charles Cunnigham 6’5 SF/PF, active forward that is improving every day. Uses length well to disrupt things defensively. Solid post moves and is nearly automatic around the free throw line area. Can step out to 3