Posted On: 04/5/18 6:00 AM

PrepHoopsIllinois has extensive coverage of this past weekend’s NY2LA Sports Swish N Dish.  Finally we look at the prospects from beyond Illinois with our top out of state prospects in attendance!



PG Mario McKinney (Brad Beal Elite – 2019)

BBE fell on the first night to Quad City Elite, but this Vashon 2019 point guard did everything he could to get his team back in the game.  McKinney is a scoring point guard that is quick and shifty in tight spaces.  Scores the majority of his points at the rim in transition.  Love his competitiveness and fire that he brings to the table.  Got after it on the defensive end for steals that he converted into points on the other end.  High-major prospect.


PG Yuri Collins (Brad Beal Elite – 2019)

Collins quietly had an outstanding weekend for BBE.  He is a pass first point guard that looks to get others involved.  That works perfect for a team that has as many scorers and guys as he can throw lobs too.  Collins showed during the high school season at St. Mary’s in St. Louis he was a scoring threat too, but in Milwaukee it was all about setting up his teammates.


SG Keyyaun Batchman (Brad Beal Elite – 2019)

Batchman is a prospect that we really liked a ton during the high school season at Chaminade in St. Louis with the way he shot the ball and impacted the game.  For BBE he is asked to be more of a tough gritty glue guy that does the little things with all the stars on the team.  What I liked about him is that he played that role throughout most of the weekend.  Did whatever was asked of him coming off the bench.  In the title game with Moody and another prospect having to leave early they relied on his perimeter shooting more and he delivered.  Batchman connected on multiple threes and a sweet finish at the rim for 11 points.  Low-majors should be all over this kid.


SG Malek Davis (Ramey-Jets United – 2019)

Davis is from Cardinal Ritter High School in St. Louis.  The junior shooting guard came out hot and looking to score.  He was in attack mode pushing the tempo and getting after it on the defensive end.  Scoring combo guard at the small college or potentially D2 level.


PG Caleb Love (Brad Beal Elite – 2020)

Love solid in Milwaukee.  The lead guard has plus positional size and athleticism.  He is an above average passer that can get others involved.  Hits a three every now and then.  Like I said he was just solid.  Mid-major prospect at this stage.


SF Cam’Ron Fletcher (Brad Beal Elite – 2020)

This 6’6” small forward is a prime contender for the top 2020 prospect in the state of Missouri.  He had it rolling on Sunday in their playoff game that we caught.  He is a plus shooter from deep that was particularly effective spotting up from the corners.   Fletcher is a plus athlete that can score in the open floor and got on the glass well clearing it defensively and converted several put backs on offense.  Fletcher had 18 points.  High-major prospect from Vashon in St. Louis.


SG Luke Kasubke (Brad Beal Elite – 2020)

I said all high school season that this 6’6” Chaminade standout is a high-major prospect.  He has plus size for position and is an elite perimeter shooter.  Moves well without the ball to get open.  Underrated athlete that finished a huge slam on an alley-oop.  Plays really hard at all times!  Competitive kid.


SG Kobe Clark (Ramey-Jets United – 2020)

Clark played up for Ramey-Jets United as the Vashon sophomore was playing up on the 17U level.  Clark has a lot of upside with his size at 6’6” along with plus athleticism.  Long and angular guard.  He played the hardest we have seen out of him.  Sometimes he plays “too cool” and doesn’t get a lot done.  It was nice to see him bring the aggressiveness especially running the floor hand and finishing in the open floor where he can be a monster.  D1 prospect.


G Jonathan Brown (Brad Beal Elite – 2021)

Brown who is from Hazelwood East High School in the STL put on a show in their Sunday morning contest!  The combo guard is a lefty with deep range on his shot.  Definitely looks to score seeking his shot whenever he gets the opportunity.  Quick acceleration when driving having a nice and-1 in the game we saw.  Went for 19 points.




SG Carlos Ramsey (Milwaukee Spartans Rebels Elite – 2019)

Ramsey is a prospect from Hamilton High School in Wisconsin that absolutely put a show in the second half trying to will his team back in the game against Ramey-Jets United.  The 6’5” wing has size and length that helps him defensively where he blocked several shots and netted a few steals.  His real damage was done on the offensive end with his relentless pursuit of points at the rim.  He went to the hoop over and over again finishing acrobatic layups on a regular basis.  Knows how to make himself skinny through traffic.  Plays with a high motor!   Like him at the low-major plus level.


SF Jalen Johnson (Phenom University – 2020)

Johnson is a stud!  The top 10 national prospect more than lived up to the billing as he helped lead his team to the championship game of the 16U division.  The wing has a special combination of size, skill, and athleticism on the perimeter.  Crisp ball handler that scores at the rim through contact with and-1 opportunities.  Range on jump shot out to beyond the three point arc.  Plus shooter.  I thought his passing for a wing was off the charts making several nice passes that led to buckets for his teammates.  Elite high-major prospect.


PF Jamari Sibley (Phenom University – 2020)

This forward from Wisconsin is four man that has athleticism, length, and emerging skill.  Changes the game on both ends of the floor.  Defensively he is an adequate shot blocking presence being able to swat shots on the interior.  He high points rebounds and is mobile enough to grab them out of his area.  Excellent rebounder.  Skill on the block with a hook shot and soft touch.  Sibley is a high-major prospect.


F Alex Antetokounmpo (Phenom University – 2020)

The Greek Freek’s little brother is a quality prospect in his own right.  Very well built forward with strength being able to rebound at a high rate.  He is a combo forward that makes plays around the hoop and defensively uses his long arms to get in passing lanes and start the break the other way.  Mid-major plus prospect.


C Michael Foster (Milwaukee Spartans – 2021)

Foster was expected to not play this past weekend, but the elite 2021 prospect surprised us playing against Hoops Avenue in the offsite gym on Saturday morning.  The Washington (WI) 6’9” center is physically imposing with his strength and athleticism.  He opened the game by blocking back to back shots on the same possession.  Defensively he is an intimating presence in the lane.  Plus rebounder that snatches them in traffic.  He hangs out on the perimeter quite a bit.  Almost too much at times.  He can hit a three however drilling a pair of them.  He hammered home a couple of jams.  Foster finished with 15 points and 11 rebounds.  Committed to Arizona State.




PF Tray Jackson (Meanstreets – 2019)

This 6’7” Detroit Western power forward is a prospect that we enjoyed watching.  He has a lot of projectable upside with the long and lanky frame along with plus athleticism.  The lefty totally looks the part and can put it on the deck a little when facing up from mid-post.  Runs the floor scoring in transition.  Gets on the offensive glass for put backs with a quick second jump.  Jackson projects as a mid-major prospect.


SF Carrington Mccaskill (REACH – 2019)

Talk about being a freak show athlete!  That is exactly what this 6’7” Detroit Renaissance wing is.  He played above the rim with several monster jams on tip slams and alley-oop dunks.  In the game that we evaluated he didn’t show a ton of skill.  Should get looks from mid-major programs this spring.


C Jalen Thomas (REACH Legends – 2019)

Thomas is a 6’9” broad shouldered post out of Michigan that physically looks like a grown man already!  He was a presence inside on the defensive end with his shot blocking swatting multiple shots.  Quick to the offensive glass for multiple put backs.  He drilled three mid-range jumpers.  Intriguing prospect.  He had 15 points.  Mid-major prospect.




SG Brandon Newman (Meanstreets – 2019)

Newman is a prospect out of the state of Indiana that made a big impression on us.  He has size and a projectable frame.  This kid is not only athletic, but extremely skilled.  The Indiana native has several D1 offers and it is easy to see why.  Silky smooth shot that he connected regularly from both three and mid-range.  When his team really needed a bucket he would use his burst to get to the rack.  Newman had 24 points.


SG Drew Carlton (EG10 – 2021)

Carlton who is out of the state of Indiana was impressive with his ability to shoot the basketball at 6’4”.  The freshman playing on the 15U level was lights out drilling shots from beyond the three point arc.



New Jersey

SF Kahlil Whitney (Mac Irvin Fire – 2019)

Whiney is originally from Illinois and now plays at Roselle Catholic in New Jersey.  The 6’7” wing has improved a lot since we last saw him in July.  Big time athlete that high points rebounds and is a major threat in the open floor.  What I liked most about him was the growth in his jump shot.  He has always been a consistent jumper away from being elite.  He drilled an array from 15-18 feet in this contest.  No brainer high-major.





PG Jalen Suggs (Sizzle – 2020)

Suggs is one of the five best prospects in country in the 2020 class nationally.  Smooth point guard that has a tremendous feel for the game and can score at multiple levels.  Pull up jump shot is definitely a major weapon as is his ability to get in the lane converting floaters over bigger defenders.  Absolutely lives at the foul line!  The kid is calm, cool, and collected.  Just has that it factor!




SG Moses Moody (Brad Beal Elite – 2020)

Welcome to the big time Mr Moody!  In his first event with BBE and playing on a high level team this 6’6” wing from North Little Rock High School absolutely put on a show!  He was about as lethal as possible against the Mac Irvin Fire drilling three after three.  It was incredible to be honest.  He made like 6 in a row.  Big wing that can flat out shoot it at an elite level.  He mixes in a slash every now and then and is a quality athlete.  Projects as a three and D stud at the high-major level.  Little Trevor Ariza to his game.




PG DJ Carton (Quad City Elite – 2019)

Carton had the play of the night.  He absolutely posterized a defender going right down the lane for a left handed hammer!  It had the entire gym buzzing for several minutes after.  That might be what stood out to most, but I love the way this point guard plays the game.  He is a crafty floor general and leader on the court.  Makes excellent decisions with the ball in his hands.  Works well in the pick and roll.  Vision to find teammates in both the half court and transition.  As a scorer he can get to the rack with a quick first step where he finishes at the cup.  High-major prospect from Iowa.



C Trey James (Hoops Avenue – 2021)

On a team that is mostly dominated with Illinois players this Kentucky 6’9” center does the dirty work on the interior.  Country strong post that has a physically built upper body.  He is an excellent rebounder in his area and a tough kid that fights for every rebound.  Fought tooth and nail with elite 2021 Michael Foster.  James projects as a potential D1 prospect.