Surprises from the Matt Reynolds Showcase


Posted On: 04/2/18 10:01 PM

The Matt Reynolds Oklahoma Showcase took place this past weekend in Oklahoma City. Many players entered the showcase looking to shine. There were a few surprises in the 2018 Class small colleges will want to take note of their performances.

Noah Love 2018 Bixby Guard 

The biggest surprise of the camp was easily the talents of Noah Love. He dominated the camp posting video game numbers including a 12-14 24 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals outing in 15 minutes. What makes Love a can’t miss late prospect for small colleges is his quickness, nice handle, and beautiful finishes at the cup. He made opponents look silly as they tried to stay in front of him. Love is also a ball hawk seemingly always in the area for a rebound or steal. Love projects to the NAIA Division II level.

Garrett Sweeney 2018 Jay Wing 

Sweeney did a ton of good things at the camp that made him stick out from the pack. At the rim, he can finish with both hands. He plays with a high basketball IQ at all times on the floor maximizing the most of his abilities. The way he attacks the offensive glass was phenomenal. Offensively, Sweeny has a variety of intangibles from slashing to the basket for good looks to creating a mid-range look off the bounce or hitting the defense with dagger catch and shoot three-pointers. Sweeney could play at a variety of small college levels based on fit. NAIA Division II programs will want to give him a strong look for scholarship consideration.

Robert Johnson 2018 Fort Cobb-Broxton Forward

After winning yet another Gold Ball at Fort Cobb-Broxton Johnson is still looking for a college home. The 6’5 Forward is flying well under the radar of most schools but might have woke some of them up with his efficiency and effort. Johnson shot over 50% from the floor thriving on the low block. He rebounded the ball on both ends, most notably leading to putbacks. Johnson with continued development could turn into a nice small college prospect.

Deontre Price 2018 Millwood Guard 

Price is coming off a great senior season at Millwood that somehow went majorly unnoticed by most. Price has the skills to play at the small college level because of his unique skill set. He is excellent at bully ball down low using his strength to create problems for opposing teams. Price scored best slashing to the basket. He has improved his jumper to where the defense has to respect his ability to shoot the basketball. Price could be a good late option for a JUCO or NAIA Division II program looking for a player that is not afraid to do the dirty work to win.

Bryce McConnell 2018 Holland Hall Point Guard 

McConnell is a small quick Point Guard that brought his A game this weekend. The creative skills of McConnell at the Point open up the defense for great looks at the basket. He thrived using his quickness to generate openings. McConnell could end up being a good program guy for a NAIA Division II program late.

Garrett Hoffman 2018 Weatherford Wing 

Hoffman is a smooth 6’4 lefty Wing that shined at this weekend. He ran the floor well in transition dashing to the basket for great looks at the basket. When he drove to the basket in traffic Hoffman showed off his crafty moves to finish strong at the basket. The size and smoothness of Hoffman’s game to go along with a good basketball IQ make him a player a small college could cash in on.

Luke Garrett 2018 Bridge Creek Guard 

Garrett was an offensive machine at the camp. He scored from all three levels using crafty moves to the basket, creative moves to get open mid-range looks, and thriving in catch and shoot three-point situations. Garrett could be a 2018 prospect that goes to a small college and earns his way onto a college program.


Robert Gregg 2018 OCA Guard/Forward 

Gregg is a team-first guy and that was shown clearly in his play on the court Saturday. He made others around him better with smart basketball plays. When he does shoot the rock it is a good look at the hoop, which leads to his great efficiency from the floor. What surprised the most from Gregg was how well he scored the ball inside and his improvement on his three-pointer. The effort Gregg gives on the boards is off the charts. Gregg would be a good locker room guy for a small college program.

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