Stock Riser Report: Talton Jones

North Carolina

Posted On: 04/28/18 8:55 PM

The road that Talton Jones has taken is one that is far from normal, he’s been underrated, overlooked and even at times under appreciated by some. Through it all he has stayed the course and as of recently we feel he has raised his stock with the way he has been playing at such a high level. Jones began his high school career at EE Smith HS and got major minuets as a freshman, he was one of the leaders in the county in Assist and steals that year and only got better with time. He would eventually transfer over to Trinity Christian where he would earn his way up into the starting lineup and became one of the leaders of the team. What he brings for his squad simply cant be measured in the stat line, not only does he make an impact with the ability he has to run the team but the attitude he brings to the floor and consistently attacking the defense makes him very valuable for his team.

This Spring he made the decision to suit up for Flight 22 and almost instantly he has become the leader of this team as they have won their first two tournaments. Through the years he has always played the game with a team first mentality but now it is his turn to show what he can do and he has not disappointed at all. His passing ability is one of the first things that you will notice , he makes difficult passes look easy and doesn’t turn the ball over very often. His ability to score the ball is often overlooked due to the fact that he an unorthodox looking game but he’s productive with the floater and finishing above the rim using his athletic ability. He has nice height for a PG at 6’2 and is one of the better on-ball defenders that we have in the state, the facts that he holds only a few offers is truly mind blowing. Schools at the MM level should be tracking and calling while Low Major programs should be offering already as his stock will only rise.