Posted On: 04/26/18 2:57 PM

This past weekend, I spent my time in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina taking in the Big Shots Myrtle Beach Spring Live event.

Played at the Myrtle Beach Sports Center, a gorgeous facility, teams competed in a fun environment.

Here is the second part of the standouts list I compiled.

ICYMI: Part 1

Kamari Barnes (Superior Collegiate/Balkman Elite)

One of the top 2018 unsigned seniors at the Big Shots event was Kamari Barnes. Deceivingly athletic, the 6’6″ forward is a good shooter, reliable slasher and a sound rebounder when he goes up with two hands. He had an alley oop that wowed the crowd. Most importantly, he played defense with 100 percent effort something that will draw him looks moving forward.

Josh Aldrich (New Hanover/Flight 22 Elite)

Full of size and solid basketball skills, 2018 forward Josh Aldrich performed well over the weekend for Flight 22 Elite. He has good arc on his jumpers and his defensive intensity is something fun to watch. He’ll certainly have to get stronger to hold up at the next level at his 6’5″ frame.

Noah Dunn (Greensboro Day/Big Shots North Carolina)

A 6’5″ shooting guard/forward, Noah Dunn helped Big Shots North Carolina as its lengthiest piece on the floor. Dunn is a nice player who doesn’t do many things wrong. He is best suited as a taller shooting guard but could play small forward if needed in college.

JaMarcus Robertson (Tampa Bay Tech/Balkman Elite)

Toughness resides in JaMarcus Robertson. The 5’11” combo guard is strong, determined and not afraid to knock down a jumper or blow by you offensively. He was one of the standouts defensively for Balkman Elite and that bodes well for his future as a two-way player.

Brandon McCoy (Charlotte Secondary/Charlotte Jets)

A 5’11” point guard, Brandon McCoy was the most reliable piece for the Charlotte Jets. A group made up of smaller players, McCoy did his best to push the tempo and score. He still has work to do in terms of getting stronger so he can handle one-on-one battles defensively.

Robert Gomez (Nature Coast/Balkman Elite)

It was a streaky performance for Robert Gomez to open the weekend, but the 6’4″ rising senior came up clutch with 3’s and jumpers. He hit a game-winner to move Balkman Elite into the semifinal against Flight 22 Elite. Gomez is maturing with each game and his best attribute is scoring, which is key this summer.

Holland Baynard (New Hanover/Flight 22 Elite)

A reliable player off the bench for the 17U Slam champion Flight 22 Elite group was Holland Baynard. The 6’4″ tweener made mid-range jumpers and had the energy to hang with just about everyone on both ends of the floor.