Posted On: 04/23/18 4:49 PM

This weekend, I spent my time in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina taking in the Big Shots Myrtle Beach Spring Live event.

Played at the Myrtle Beach Sports Center, a gorgeous facility, teams competed in a fun environment.

Here is the first part of the standouts list I compiled.

Talton Jones (Trinity Christian/Flight 22 Elite)

The biggest threat overall was Talton Jones, a 2019¬†guard from Trinity Christian. He helped Flight 22 Elite move into the 17U Slam Final with his forcefulness and attacks to the rim. The 6’3″ guard hit a game-winner in the Final to win it 59-57 over Big Shots NC. Jones doesn’t back down from the spotlight.

Ryan Shaffer (Hargrave Military/Big Shots North Carolina)

A 6’4″ guard/forward Ryan Shaffer will spend his 2019 season at Virginia Hargrave Military, one of the top post grad spots in the country. He is surprisingly athletic, has good handles and is a reliable deep ball shooter. Shaffer plays with a purpose on every possession, something that helps his cause.

Jordan Rodriguez (Orlando Christian Prep/Balkman Elite)

Someone who opens up the floor with his shooting and his movement is Jordan Rodriguez. The 6’0″ Orlando Christian Prep guard served as a 3-point shooter for his high school team, but he does plenty more for an athletic Balkman Elite group. Rodriguez is a high IQ player who plays the game the right way.

KJ Garrett (Caldwell/Team Felton)

A confident 2021 guard, KJ Garrett flourished as the point man for Team Felton. A 6’1″ guard for Caldwell Academy, Garrett is strong, fast and has vision that opens up the floor. He was asked to do plenty for high school team this season and it is no different for a good Team Felton program. Expect him to rise up in a big way this summer.

Bryce Radford (Woodrow Wilson/Big Shots West Virginia)

One of the toughest if not the toughest kid here was 2019 point guard Bryce Radford. The 5’11” Woodrow Wilson guard was one of just five players who suited up for the Big Shots West Virginia group. Playing with no bench players, Radford was relentless in games as a shooter and an asset in transition.

Drew Greene (Wesleyan Christian/Big Shots North Carolina)

A sharpshooter and gifted passer, Drew Greene flashed his all-around ability this weekend. The 2019 Wesleyan Christian guard typically is asked to be a spot up 3-point shooter for deep high school team, but for the Big Shots North Carolina, he brings the ball up the court and is a true floor general at his 6’4″ frame.

Isaiah Thomas (Brooks DeBartolo/Balkman Elite)

A crowd pleaser, Isaiah Thomas routinely caught alley oops, attacked the rim and used his body to haul in rebounds and find open lanes for his teammates. An active 6’3″ guard, Thomas rarely gives up on a play and his effort level is refreshing. He’s a 2018 unsigned prospect who deserves a chance to work his way into a college rotation.