Posted On: 04/15/18 11:56 AM

The Prep Hoops Spring Kickoff is loaded with talent at all levels. This list breaks down the top floor generals I saw this weekend in Denver.

Kobe Stroughter 2021 Las Vegas Prospects Point Guard

Stroughter is playing up with the 17U. You would never know he was playing up with his level of play he brings to the court. Stroughter has the ball on a string at the Point. He pushes the pace really well getting the ball to teammates in great spots for success. Stroughter scored the rock as well from all three levels. This weekend Stroughter was one of the best players on the court at all times. He projects to the NCAA Division I level.

Quentin Rock 2020 Colorado Hawks Point Guard

Rock is elevating his stock this weekend doing a fantastic job of getting his teammates the basketball in perfect spots for success. This year Rock is playing up with the Colorado Hawks 17U loaded squad. He is a high IQ Point Guard that seems to always make the right play. Defenders can not back off of him because of his killer jumper. On top of all of his offensive skills, Rock brings it on the defensive end as well.

Vacario Triplett 2021 SSA Elite White Point Guard

Triplett got the ball to his teammates in fantastic spots setting them up for great success. He has a solid handle. The vision he displayed was off the charts this weekend and he is able to hit guys in tight spots. Triplett projects to the small college level.

Davon Walker 2019 Boykins Basketball Academy

In a day and age where everybody wants to be a scoring Point Guard primarily, Walker defeats that notion. He is best described as a pure Point. Walker is blazing fast with a good handle, which helps him to create openings for his teammates on the floor. He was one of the toughest guards to slow down all weekend. He is a small college prospect.

Kobe Sanders 2020 Billups Elite Point Guard

Sanders plays with a very high IQ at the Point Guard spot. He scored the rock getting to the basket with a good change of pace. On the Billups 16U Elite squad, Sanders has found the perfect mix of finding his looks versus getting his teammates the basketball. Sanders is best at creating for others with his eagle vision and ability to drop a dime to a teammate in a small window.


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