Southeast League Post season honors

High School

Posted On: 04/2/18 10:15 AM

First List is for impact players from this league and this corresponding team.  Our second list is for players who deserve a mention for their contribution and potential as impact players for the coming years they have left.

Marvin Coleman (Foothill HS) 6-3” Senior guard: Marvin is a high level D1 college ready guard.  He was fine tuned by coach Soares over his years at Foothill.  He has good size at 6-3″ and plays that combo guard spot well, both being comfortable on the ball and off it.

Jace Roquemore (Foothill HS) 6-5” Junior guard: Jace is the family member of Evan.  Evan was one of the first Foothill players to make Division I basketball.  Jace is a solid athletic wing who slashes well and has good catch and shoot skills.  He paired well this year with Marvin to carry the Falcons to most of their wins.

Cameron Burist (Liberty HS) 6-3” Senior guard: Cam was an athletic slasher years ago but has since improved his shooting game to add the outside attack to his toolbox.  He has good size and he is especially quick off the floor.  Liberty has a history of quick athletic wings lately and he follows in those footsteps.

Julian Strawther (Liberty HS) 6-7” Sophomore: Julian is possibly the best player in the entire city and a future pro.  That is incredible as he is just a sophomore.  He can do everything and he is still very humble about his development.  Close right behind him is Jalen Hill of Clark HS.

Jaden Hardy (Coronado HS) 6-3” Freshmen Guard: Jaden is the other truly special player in this conference.  Julian Strawther and Jaden Hardy are both young, tall and athletic with gifts of talent.  Time will tell if they meet their high ceiling.  These two led their teams to playoffs and stuffed the stat sheet every night they played.

Martell Williams (Silverado HS) 6-3” guard: Martell came into his own this year and led this young team full of potetial to some huge wins.  Martell has already gotten some mid-major college interest from D1 schools.

Geoff Faries (Basic) 6-3” senior guard: Geoff was a do it all unheralded player from Basic who went under the radar but worked hard all year long.  He had a strong Senior year and deserves some recognition.

Honorable Mention List

Trevon Martin (Silverado HS) 6-4” guard sophomore: Martin could easily be listed above but he falls just short of that list.  He is pretty skilled and along with teammate Williams will carry this Skyhawks team next season to the playoffs.

Terrance Marigney (Liberty HS) 6-6” Junior forward: Terrance provided some key help at the forward spot when Julian had foul trouble.  He will be a key help next year as well for the Patriots.

Tahj Comeaux (Coronado HS) 6-6” Senior forward: Great skillset, size and versatility but just got overshadowed by Jaden Hardy.

Tajeem Comeaux (Coronado HS) 6-6” Senior forward: Great skillset, size and versatility but just got overshadowed by Jaden Hardy.

Kobe Stroughter (Liberty HS) 6-0” Freshman guard: Great role player who helped out Liberty in certain key games.  He will help for years to come.