Shuffling the Deck: 2020 Rankings Update


Posted On: 04/9/18 12:51 PM

The smoke has cleared a little bit in the sophomore class. In just the second version of the 2020 Prospect Rankings, there has been major changes at the top, middle, and bottom of the list.

Players must improve considerably just to keep pace. Vast development occurs from freshman to sophomore season, as players jump from the freshman or JV level to the bright lights of varsity basketball. Some players gain more exposure, while others are exposed.

In time spent inside the high school gym, AAU sidelines, and in talking to credible sources, we’ve added about 30 new players to the rankings also. Come back throughout the week to check on follow-up content that explains the rankings and examines the class of 2020.

The New Top Five

Zach Loveday maintained the no. 1, as he remains a step above the rest. He’s grown a couple of inches to a legitimate 7’1” and he may not be done. Furthermore, he’s never looked more comfortable in his body. Loveday has extraordinary scoring touch inside and is shooting the 3-pointer with confidence. With Ohio State and Purdue hot on his tail, expect a number of other high-major programs to offer this summer.

The next three prospects are interchangeable. Garvin Clarke remains at the no. 2 spot because of his considerable improvement as a 3-point shooter. He has great intangibles at the point guard spot also.

Dom Penn and Zeb Jackson both have offers that exceed Clarke’s. Strong arguments for the no. 2 position could and have been made in their favor. On any given night, these two are the most lethal players on any court. They both can score the ball at all three levels and are actually quite similar with the ball in their hands.

Finally, Devontae Blanton rounds out the top five. The Eds wing has changed his body. Instead of looking like a combo forward, Blanton appears to be transitioning to more of a 2 or 3. He has a pretty good feel on the wing and Blanton will provide a mismatch issue on the perimeter most nights.

Plenty of other explanations will be provided throughout the week! For now, take a night to pore over the RANKINGS yourself.