Session 1 Los Angeles Day 2: Small College Guards

Southern California

Posted On: 04/17/18 1:29 PM

While the vast majority of club players hold on tightly to the NCAA Division I dream, very few will accomplish that ultimate goal. With that said, there are plenty of competitive and high levels of play that are external to the Division I level. The following guards demonstrated that they are skilled enough to play at the next level. However, they are best fit at a level lower than NCAA Division I.

Session 1 Los Angeles Day 2: Small College Guards

Jeremiah Atkinson 6’2 PG/SG 2019 Long Beach (Los Angeles Elite 17U Black)

Atkinson still has work to do in order to play at the mid to higher end NAIA D1s and NCAA D2s. However, his handle and size at the point guard spot is intriguing. In addition, unlike most guards, he did not pick up his dribble when he got bumped by stronger and shorter guards. He keeps his shoulder down and continues on his trajectory. Moreover, he shot the ball effectively from deep and hit his free throws. Atkinson has a lot of upside and should be on many colleges’ radars.

Damian Pintor 6’1 SG 2018 Northwood (CABC)

Pintor is an unsigned senior who can shoot the lights out of the basketball. While he might be a little undersized as a 2, he shoots it well and is fundamentally sound. Defensively, he is disciplined. He keeps the basketball in front and does a good job of rotating to his help side spots. While Pintor will need to transition to more of a PG role in order to maximize his stock value, he is capable of playing at the next level.

Matt DeAngelo 5’11 PG 2020 Tesoro (CABC)

As far as strength is concerned, DeAngelo has a lot of functional muscle mass. While there were other guards who were more well built, he is strong in the areas that coaches want and it is all productive muscle mass. This enables him to be a tough on ball defender and to hold his spots on the offensive end while trying to direct his teammates. He is an effective floor general who can shoot the basketball at a high level. Teams that run more structured offenses and look for a pass first floor general should give him serious consideration.

Matt Jones 5’9 PG 2019 Tesoro (CABA)

Jones is quite similar to his high school teammate, DeAngelo. He is stronger and also a really good on ball defender who rotates well in help side. Moreover, he has good instincts and took advantage multiple times of guards and bigs who put the basketball in bad spots when attempting to get to the rim. Offensively, he is a floor general who is capable of driving and creating for others. Further, he is a capable shooter.

Josh O’Campo 6’2 SG 2019 Temecula Valley (Gamepoint)

O’Campo was busting the nets all weekend with his shooting abilities. He made it fly from deep often and with consistency. In addition to being a good shooter, he is well built which enables him to hold his spot offensively and be a strong on-ball defender. O’Campo is yet another skilled piece to an absolutely loaded Temecula Valley team.

D’Anthony Ward 5’6 PG 2020 View Park (Wolfpack)

Ward is raw in a lot of areas. However, he is crafty and plays with a chip on his shoulder. He does not back down to opposing guards and pressure does not bother him. On multiple occasions, he split double teams with ease and comfort. In addition, he finishes well around the rim despite being undersized. He uses his body well to hold off the defender, and he is able to create space to get his shot off.

Michael Solimando 6’1 SG 2019 Redondo Union High School (Los Angeles Elite Black 17U)

Solimando gained a fan this weekend in myself. He shots the basketball well and has a quick release. Moreover, he is engaged on both ends of the floor and does all of the little things that coaches love. In addition, despite only being 6’1, he has long arms that will aid him in playing the 2 at the next level. He has the potential to be a really good fit in a system structured offense that values shooting.