Session 1 Los Angeles Day 2: 15U Top Performers Part 2

Southern California

Posted On: 04/17/18 11:52 AM

Ventura College played host to the 15U teams on day 2. While a number of these prospects had solid days at Ventura, multiple of these prospects played up and experienced a lot of success. Keep an eye out on these guys for the rest of the club season as they demonstrated that they can play at a high level against quality competition.

Session 1 Los Angeles Day 2: 15U Top Performers Part 2

Reggie Tucker 5’11 PG 2021 Brentwood (LA Elite)

Tucker is another prospect who has elite level speed. His ability to play extremely fast while having a solid handle enables him to blow by his defender at will. While he primarily played at one speed, all out, he did not get himself into trouble often. He makes good decisions with the basketball and demonstrated that he can finish around the rim with both hands. He was a solid floor general for LA Elite.

Trent Goldmann 6’0 SG 2020 Redondo Union (LA Elite)

Goldmann shot the basketball extremely well. If he was given space, he was making the defense pay. While he scoring the basketball at a high level, he did it quite efficiently. He did not take a lot of shots and did not force things. He let the game come to him. Moreover, when teammates drove, he demonstrated his maturity as he moved into gaps in order to make himself available for kick outs.

Vincas Veikalas 6’3 SF 2021 Clark (Las Vegas Knicks)

Veikalas was a monster in 15U. He was one of the most versatile prospects in the 15U category due to his size and skill set. He is fundamentally sound and was not reactionary. It was apparent that he has a high basketball IQ as he was constantly seeking ways to create mismatches. Even more impressive, instead of looking at the game and trying to fit a position, he took advantage of whatever the defense gave him and made the most of the situation. Undersized guards were put on the block while opposing bigs were extended onto the perimeter.

Chris Dockery 6’2 PG 2021 Centennial (Las Vegas Knicks)

Dockery was one of my favorite 15U guards to watch on the day due to his unique mixture of length and skill set. More and more lengthy guards are starting to play the point guard spot. However, few of them have the skill set that Dockery does. He is quick and in control. Moreover, he is evasive and uses pro hops and euro steps well. Further, he does not force the issue. He is patient, gets his teammates involved, and makes great decisions with the basketball.

Barry Wilds Jr. 5’11 PG 2021 Fairfax (Double Pump)

Wilds is an extremely special 2021 prospect. While he does not have the length that some of the other guards have who have been put onto this list, he more than makes up for it with skill. He is extremely confident and willing to let it fly from deep. He hit multiple step back 3s despite being contested. Wilds also finished well around the rim and did a good job of blowing by the initial defender.

Tyler Powell 6’5 SF 2021 St. Bernard (Cal Supreme)

Powell is going to be an extremely special player. At 6’5, most teams would stick him on the block and force him to play with his back to the basket. While he is capable of doing that, it is clear that Powell has been trained to be a guard as well. The name of the game is versatility. Powell has that and much more to offer. His ceiling is one of the highest out of any of the prospects in the class of 2021.

Nathan Rozsa 5’11 PG 2022 (Hardwork Red)

Rozsa did a little bit of everything this weekend which earned him multiple player of the game awards. He is a solid guard with a good handle who can shoot it from deep. Further, he is a solid on ball defender who is not afraid to go against more athletic guards. He is skilled and an intriguing young prospect.