Josh Christopher Top Playmaker

Posted On: 04/15/18 2:40 AM

A couple of players set themselves apart as the top playmakers from the first day of action. Below are the prospects who stood out the most in this particular area after the 1st day of action.

Session 1 Los Angeles: Day 1 Top Playmakers

Garrett Schaefer 6’3 PG Temecula Valley (Gamepoint)

Schaefer did not have to demonstrate his ability to shoot it from deep as he was able to get into the paint at will. Further, he got the ball ahead frequently after missed shots and turnovers. He does not hold on to the basketball very long as he finds his teammates and gets them involved. Schaefer makes the guys around him better.

Armon Muldrew 6’1 PG 2020 Orange Vista (Pump-N-Run)

Muldrew was a walking bucket at times. While fans can often be wrong, fans of the opposing team were frequently right in their begging for someone to guard him. Muldrew scored the ball at an extremely high level en route to Pump-N-Run having a lot of success in the first night.

Elijah Scranton 6’6 SF 2019 Pracelete (California United)

Speaking of walking buckets, Scranton could not be stopped. Every time I looked up, it felt like Scranton was either finishing a bucket or at the foul line about to put some more points on the board. The strong wings ability to get out and go makes him extremely special. No one could find a way to stop him today, we will see if opposing teams have more success tomorrow.

Josh Christopher 6’5 SF 2020 Mayfair (The Truth)

Like all of the guys on this list, no one could stop Christopher. With that said, what made his performance especially impressive was the diversity of finishes. He showed that he can finish with either hand and that he has a number of different types of finishes which makes it hard for opposing teams to contest his shots or cut him off.

Kaelen Allen 6’6 SF/PF 2019 Westchester (Team Eleate)

Allen was an absolute handful and was by far the most versatile prospect of the day. In terms of playmaking, he was one of the top playmakers on the day as well. He moves well without the basketball and constantly gives his guards a presence for dump off passes. Moreover, the big man demonstrated that he is capable of leading the charge in fast break. When he gets moving, the defense should be cautioned to stand nowhere near the rim or they will be put in it.

Shamar Wright SF 6’7 2019 Murrieta Mesa (Team Eleate)

Wright was constantly around the rim getting a bucket. He is more than capable of taking his man off of the dribble and finishing. In addition, he moves well without the basketball and tracks offensive rebounds down well. Wright is a special prospect with a high ceiling due to his ability to score the basketball without having to get a lot of touches. Further, he is a long wing who can play multiple spots on the court.