Session 1 Los Angeles: Day 1 Top Floor Generals

Southern California

Posted On: 04/15/18 1:29 AM

With the first night of basketball in the books at Session 1 Los Angeles, here are our top floor generals. These floor generals put their teams in position to win games due to their ability to dictate the tempo of the game.

Session 1 Los Angeles: Top Floor generals

Jarred Hyder 6’3 PG 2019 Cajon (Team Eleate)

Just when it felt like the momentum might start to swing back to California United, Hyder put the team on his back and went on two separate 5-0 runs. He is a good shooter who uses his change of pace and vertical explosiveness to create shots inside the paint. Moreover, he is a more than willing passer who makes his teammates better.

DJ Davis 6’0 PG 2020 Corona Centennial (The Truth)

While Davis’ stat sheet showed that he was a scorer, he is more than that. He is a playmaker who makes his teammates better. He is a capable scorer who understands how to create for himself. Once the defense rotates and helps, he gets the basketball moving and puts his teammates in spots where they can be successful.

Garrett Schaefer 6’3 PG Temecula Valley (Gamepoint)

Schaefer has one of the highest basketball IQs out of all of the point guards at the event. He was easily one of the top floor generals on the day as he makes his teammates better with his selfless and smart play. While he might not be as explosive as some of the other guards, he has an unbelievable feel for the game. The basketball rarely sticks to his hands. Moreover, he attacks gaps at angles that forces the help side defense to rotate. Further, he is rarely rattled by pressure.

Armon Muldrew 6’1 PG 2020 Orange Vista (Pump-N-Run)Armon Muldrew Floor General

Muldrew was a very efficient scorer. Cal Supreme turned up the pressure and had a lot of success. This messed with Muldrew’s rhythm initially and forced him to get rid of the basketball earlier in the possession than he wanted to. However, once he adjusted, he played a key role in the team’s 7-0 run that put the game out of reach. Muldrew is a solid shooter who shoots better off of the dribble than in catch and shoot situations. Further, he attacks the rim and can finish amongst the big fellas.

Richard McMichael 5’8 PG 2018 Centennial (Make Room)

McMichael is a score first guard who is tenacious on the defensive end. His tough on ball pressure created a lot of turnovers which helped Make Room turn up the pressure and create an up tempo style of play. Further, his ability to create shots for himself was key to Make Room competing and staying in the game.

Eugene Ndubisi 5’8 PG 2018 Compton (Make Room)

Ndubisi is another guard for Make Room who impressed. When it looked like Make Room was going to go away, Ndubisi demonstrated that he is a tough on ball defender who can hit contested mid-range jumpers. He shot the basketball extremely well off of the dribble. While he did not create many scoring opportunities for others, he did a great job of creating shots for himself.

Shadi Abdelrahman 5’7 PG 2021 Perris (Gamepointe)

Adelrahman hit open shots and did not stand out in his games to the common fan. However, that does not mean that he was not effective. Gamepointe is full of shooters and Adelrahman assisted or hockey assisted a number of great shots and buckets. He manages the tempo extremely well and hits the shots that he is supposed to hit. On the other side of the floor, Abdelrahman is a tenacious defender who does not let the opposing point guard get comfortable.