Session 1 Los Angeles: Day 1 Most Versatile

Southern California

Posted On: 04/15/18 2:25 AM

Versatility is the name of the game. Most college coaches are looking for players who are capable of playing multiple spots on the floor. The prospects below were the most versatile prospects from the first day of Session 1 Los Angeles.

Session 1 Los Angeles: Day 1 Most Versatile

Elijah Scranton 6’6 SF 2019 Pracelete (California United)Elijah Scranton Most Versatile

Scranton willed his team to victory over Make Room. No one had any answers for the 6’6 SF who has good explosiveness and a solid handle. In transition, he was nearly impossible to stop due to his shiftiness, strength, and ball handling skills. Scranton is a playmaker who can get it done all over the floor.

Josh Christopher 6’5 SF 2020 Mayfair (The Truth)

Christopher was a walking high light reel with tough bucket after tough bucket. He is long and athletic. However, there are a lot of prospects at the event who possess those same skills. The difference maker for him is his soft tough around the rim and the skill set that he possesses that enables him to effectively utilize his length and bounce.

Kaelen Allen 6’6 SF/PF 2019 Westchester (Team Eleate)

Allen is thick and strong. However, it does not effective his mobility as he is fleet of foot and has a good motor. Moreover, he has solid footwork and good explosiveness. Ask the players who were anywhere near the rim when he decided to take flight and attempt to bust the rim. Allen can hurt the opposing team in so many ways due to his unique mixture of size and skill.

Shamar Wright 6’7 SF 2019 Murrieta Mesa (Team Eleate)

Wright is another versatile prospect for Team Eleate. While Allen marvels people due to his size and speed, Wright is built long and thin. His long arms mixed with his finishing ability make him a scary prospect. Moreover, he crafty and able to get to his spots on the court due to his slender physique.

Tyler Powell 6’5 SF 2021 St. Bernard (Cal Supreme)

Powell might have been the top freshman that I saw all day. He is elusive, crafty, and strong despite only being a 2021. Moreover, he is explosive. While he is extremely skilled and fun to watch right now, his upside is through the roof. Powell is a force to be reckoned with and will only continue to get better.

Jayden Simpson 6’4 SF/PF 2020 Paloma Valley (Gamepoint)

Simpson has solid footwork and is explosive. He took flight on more than one occasion today. Further, he is one of the best rebounding wings in the event. Due to the style of play of Gamepoint, Simpson plays more of a 4/5. His motor, footwork, and soft touch around the rim enable him to play this role and have success. With that said, he is best suited at the 3.

Jaime Jacquez 6’7 SF/PF 2019 Camarillo (The Truth)

Jacquez is one of many athletic and versatile prospects that The Truth has one their roster. He was used primarily as a 3/4 throughout the game and had a lot of success. Like other members on this list, he finishes well around the rim and gets on the glass well. Further, he is capable of being used in pick and pop situations.